Loans for Bad Credit  

If you already know your credit rating is not bestthe last thing you want is for anything to make it worse. If you are looking for loans for bad credit LoanPig can not only help you in a difficult time  they can also help improve your credit rating. Proving that you can borrow and repay in full and on time can only improve your existing credit rating. Over time, this consistency can improve your borrowing power. 

Loans for Bad Credit No Guarantor

Our loan for bad credit solutions is currently arranged to help you with your current financial situation. Also, as we’re a direct lender you don’t need to speak to a middleman. We can help with unexpected bills, debt consolidation and covering emergency situations (for example boiler repairs). When it comes to taking out a bad credit loan, you will not need a guarantor. Our bad credit loans are suitable for those who pass our credit and affordability checks, so there is no guarantor required.

Loans for Bad Credit Direct Lenders

If you’re looking for the right loan for you, applying through a direct lender could help. Applying with a direct lender means that you will be in contact with that one lender for your entire loan journey. Whereas, with a broker, you will be passed along with another lender who could offer you another type of loan that may be better suited to you.

Loans for People with Bad Credit

Applying for our no credit check loans is quick and easy. After receiving your personal details, income, expenditure and bank account details, we’ll send them directly on to our panel. The panel contains the UK’s leading shortterm lenders. You’ll receive a decision quickly. 

Next, you’ll be directed to the lender’s website to accept the loan and electronically sign the documents. Our online loan service is available 24/7, unlike telephonebased companies. Meaning you will receive a quick decision even outside of office hours.  You will need to submit a statement of income and expenditure, you’ll also need to present a copy of your ID (usually your driving licence or passport) as a final check. 

Small Loans for Bad Credit

Most small loans in the UK today can be applied for online. You can apply online directly from the lender or through a broker. Applying for a loan directly from a lender is great if you have a preferred lender in mind. The interest rates of our loans are dependent on a few factors. These include the amount you choose to borrow and the length of time you need the loan for. We will also look at your personal circumstances, as well as your financial history. 

Unsecured Loans for Bad Credit

If approved for a loan, most direct lenders who offer loans to people with bad credit would require security. So, they usually offer secured loans rather than unsecured loans. So, loan providers require reassurance that you are able to repay your loan.

Paying back your bad credit loan with us is simple. We’ll work with you to set it for the right length of time (usually between 3-12 months) and dates that you pay the loan back. By sticking with the repayment plan and consistently paying on time you will also positively affect your credit rating. 

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