Money Lending Advice

Loan Pig is happy to offer straightforward borrowing advice through its highly progressive loan matching system. Upon entering your desired loan amount and repayment deadline, you are swiftly directed towards several relevant lender options to choose from. The transparency of Loan Pig’s lending suggestions is one of their unique selling points. Loan Pig prides itself with ensuring you make the most informed decision possible by comparing various APR rates from different companies. Loan Pig only performs a credit check once you choose to send an application to one of the lenders we present as possible choice for you. This ensures you get the best money lending advice and are able to browse through our selection of high quality lenders without it affecting your credit score.

How Much Should I Borrow?

Finding the maximum loan amount for you and your needs can be challenging, which is why Loan Pig’s calculator compares APR rates specifically to allow you to pick the best loan for you. Loan Pig helps you see the estimated total repayment amount based on what our panel of lenders offer, after entering your desired loan amount. Consulting your chosen lender with regards to borrowing advice or debt advice is always recommended to ensure you are always aware of how borrowing money in the short term can work for you and keep you from struggling with repayments. Once you apply for a short term loan, a credit check is completed to ensure you are a strong candidate for repayments.

Can’t Make Your Repayments – What Can You Do?

It’s important to ensure you select the right lender for your repayment needs in order to avoid being unable to make your loan repayments. Loan Pig prides itself in allowing its advanced loan comparison system let you make a more informed decision about your short term loan options in order to minimise the chances of you being unable to make the necessary repayments. Should you fall into any difficulty paying back your loan for any reason, it’s important to get in contact with your lender as soon as possible for debt advice and in order to arrange a repayment plan more suited to your needs. Failure to meet repayments can have an impact on your overall credit score and may lower your chances of being accepted for a loan during your next credit check.

Prior to borrowing any amount of money, it’s always a good idea to triple check your ability to make repayments- short term loans should stay just that, quick to access and offer a relatively short payback period.