What Is A Payday Loan?

When you think “What is a Payday Loan?” you automatically assume it is a loan that is paid back on payday. However, a payday loan is essentially a small and unsecured short term loan (can also be referred to as an instalment loans, quick loans and personal loans). It allowed you to borrow money to be repaid over the course of originally 1 month, but nowadays people are choosing to spread the cost over upto 12 months. Your payday or short term loan can be for amounts between £100 and £1500.

The great thing about a payday loan or even a short term loan is that they are designed to be quick and easy to access and help in the event of an emergency. They can cover an unexpected expense, like your car breaking down, or your boiler failing or even for that unexpected bill you have planned for.

Reputable Loan Lenders

LoanPig is among one of the most reputable payday lenders on the market and are dedicated to ensuring no one has to worry about falling behind on any emergency payments that may arise before your next payday. We are here to help you cover those eventualities and with any emergency loans

Emergencies Happen

Sometimes despite our best efforts, we may find ourselves in need of a little extra cash to help tide us over until our next payday. While trying to save and manage our finances is something we all strive for, occasionally emergencies do crop up. They can leave us worrying about how we are going to cover an unexpected expense.

This is where LoanPig comes in. We pride ourselves in providing a high quality payday loans and short term loans that will ensure you are not left in the red. Also you can take comfort that if we cannot directly help with lending you the money ourselves, one of our specially selected loan lenders can.

How Much Would You Like?

Representative example: Borrow £300 over 3 months @ 292% pa (fixed) Total repayment: £457.95 in 3 monthly payments of £152.65. Representative 1261% APR.