Why Are More And More Young People Applying For Loans?

Why Are More And More Young People Applying For Loans? There are many reasons why people are turning more towards loans at a younger age nowadays. At some point in our lives, there will be certain points where we are short of money. So, in these situations, we will

5 Best Budgeting Tips for 2020

5 Best Budgeting Tips for 2020 When it comes to spending your hard-earned cash, not everyone knows how to spend some but also save some too. It can be hard to find the right balance. Every payday most people like to treat themselves with some fo their favourite things.

Saving Money In The Easiest Ways

Saving Money We all know that saving money can be a difficult task. But, starting small is the best way to save money. You will eventually be able to build up the amount you’re saving. Luckily, it will just become the norm to put away your set amount, daily, weekly or

5 Ways to Save Money at the Cinema

5 Ways to Save Money at the Cinema The cinema is like another world where you can watch the newest movies with some of your favourite snacks, completely focused on the screen without a care in the world. Until you realise the price it may cost you, especially if you’

How to Set Financial Goals

How to Set Financial Goals Are you meeting your savings goals? Or do you need to figure out how to set financial goals? Most of us are somewhere in the middle. There’s no magic amount of money to have in your savings account. After all, there are a lot of factors

How Taking Out A Short Term Loan Can Help You This Christmas

Can a Short Term Loan Help Me? Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year, and to no surprise, a lot of money is expected to be spent this year. While some people may begin saving for a few months for their Christmas shopping money, sometimes emergencies can crop

5 Steps To Improve Your Credit Score

How To Improve Your Credit Score Improving your credit score seems like a very long process, and quite frankly it is.  To notice positive results on your file won't be immediate nor will it be easy. In addition, some notes made on your file may not be correct.  We

How to Repay a Payday Loan

Ok, so you had a financial emergency and had to take out a payday loan. You really don't need any added stress when it comes to the repayment process. Knowing how to repay a payday loan, stress-free is exactly what you need to avoid any unforeseen costs... Here's a

Saving Money On Your Food Shop

As we all know, food is now very expensive and generally speaking food costs are on the rise. This is why we have put this blog together for you so you can save money on your food shop. Adopting these best practices as outlined below can also help you to get into good

The Best Free Festivals In The U.K

Here at LoanPig, we know that summer budgets sometimes just don’t stretch as much as we want them to! With this in mind, we have put together this blog for you so that you can learn a bit more about the U.K’s best free festivals in 2019. There is a whole host to