Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

Keep Your Home Warm This Winter As the winter approaches and temperatures drop, it’s the time to start thinking about how to keep our homes warm. However, which are the best ways to do this without it costing a large sum of money. According to climate experts from 

How to Recover From The Christmas Crunch

How to Recover From The Christmas Crunch For many of us, Christmas is a time of excess. But with Christmas, come various forms of pressure that can make it a stressful time of year for many. We overeat, overdrink and, most importantly, overspend. But don’t worry, we

How To Save For Your First House

Saving for your first house Saving for your first house for many young people seems like an impossible task. Faced with huge student debts, low paying entry-level jobs or internships and continually soaring house prices property can be a daunting prospect. However, with

Is the UK Becoming Cashless?

Is the UK becoming cashless? It's time to discuss cash. Have you wondered why our ATM machines are disappearing? Or why at a restaurant your waiter automatically brings over a card machine? This might be because the UK is on the road to becoming a cashless society. The

How to Avoid Common Money Mistakes

How to Avoid Common Money Mistakes Nobody’s perfect when trying to avoid common money mistakes. But making mistakes when it comes to building credit, paying off debt, investing or saving money can cost you big time. Fortunately, you don’t need to commit them

How to Repay a Payday Loan

Ok, so you had a financial emergency and had to take out a payday loan. You really don't need any added stress when it comes to the repayment process. Knowing how to repay a payday loan, stress-free is exactly what you need to avoid any unforeseen costs... Here's a

Payday Loan or Overdraft?

Payday Loan or Overdraft? It's always nice to have some savings ready for a rainy day. Unfortunately, life doesn't always go to plan. Big expenses can come out of the blue, surprising us when we least expect them. If you just don't have the cash to buy a new washing

Taking Control Of Your Finances

Taking Control Of Your Finances There are a number of ways that can influence you taking control of your finances... Whether it’s a New Years’ resolution or you’re simply looking to save a little bit of cash for the future. Such as, a new house or car. No matter

Credit Scores Explained – Tips On Improving Your Score

Credit scores have gotten more and more important in recent years, and chances are as we progress and the financial industry evolves credit scores will grow still more important. Every individual has a credit score, and it is a figure that, in a nutshell, tells

Learn How To Save Money With LoanPig

Every single one of us wants to save money. This is a universal truth! Sadly, many of us just don’t know how to save money, how to start saving money or even where to put it once we have saved it. So, for all of the would-be savers out there this guide is for you. We