How To Make Your Money Go Further In 2023

How To Make Your Money Go Further In 2023

It is common to feel a little financially drained towards the end of the year. With increased spending around Christmas mixed with the high inflation costs this year, you may find yourself feeling a bit more impacted. Luckily, if you are willing to make a change and make your money go further next year, your 2022 spending habits can stay in the past. Perhaps 2023 is the year you start making the necessary changes in order to make a substantial difference in your overall spending habits and financial freedom. We all want our money to go further; after all, nobody likes the idea of financial struggle, but the main question is: how can you actually achieve it? We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks you can use to advance in 2023.


As you probably expected, budgeting is at the top of the list when it comes to making your money go further in 2023. Having a good understanding of your current financial habits and your budget will enable you to move forward in the new year. If your current spending patterns and savings allocations haven’t gotten you very far throughout this previous year, now is your opportunity to find a fresh start. Budgeting allows you to organise your finances in a safe and smart way, ensuring that you can afford all of your essential bills or debts while still having enough money to spend on other things like living expenses and general wants.

Having control over your finances will help you when it comes to avoiding overspending or any unwanted debt. However, it can take a little getting used to, especially if you are used to spending freely without any budget. If you find yourself making a few mistakes throughout the process, don’t worry. Here at LoanPig, we provide short term loans for those in immediate financial difficulties. For more help and support, click here.

Tackle Existing Debts

This tip goes hand in hand with budgeting, however, tackling and eliminating your existing debts is one of the best ways you can change your financial health within the new year. After all, like with most things, you need to get rid of the elements that are holding you back in order to move forward. Whether your debt is from a borrowed loan, credit card, or simply your overdraft, highlighting this as a top priority will definitely benefit you in 2023. We suggest setting up some sort of monthly direct debit that will automatically repay your debt. This way, you don’t have to worry about it, and before you know it your debt will be non-existent.

Be A Smart Shopper

With the increase in prices, we have all clocked on to how much more expensive our food shopping and general shopping totals are. Although we cannot control the increased prices, we can control exactly what we’re spending, where we are shopping, and what we are purchasing. There are numerous tips and tricks you could use to keep the prices down. Some of our favourites include searching for deals and discounts while being cautious of fake sales, comparing prices, sticking to your list, and even something as simple as knowing the shop’s layout.