How Long to Repair Credit – Can it Really be Done in a Month?

If you have less than perfect credit fixing the problem as soon as possible is understand quite a priority. After all, there is simply so much you cannot do if you have a bad credit record. Getting a mortgage or a car loan is usually out of the question as is getting an

Nice Car – But Can You Really Afford It?

(Updated for 2018) You're sick of waiting for the bus to get to work. The train is expensive and neither option seems very reliable these days, as every other day there seems to be a delay or cancellation. Life would be so much easier if you had a car. And more fun.

5 Ways You are Wasting Money You Can Stop Today

(Updated for 2019) There always seems to be too much month and not enough money doesn't there? Those last few days before you get paid are often far harder than they should be. But you make decent money, where's it all going? Excellent question. And sadly, if you are

1 Month Loans – What They Are and How to Find Them

Taking out a loan from a loan company for just a month may seem a  little strange at first but it is something that more and more people are choosing to do. Although these short-term loans are fairly easy to find and to obtain - even if you have bad credit - you really

Credit Repair Credit Cards – Are They Real? Do They Work?

If you are concerned about your credit score and want to improve it chances are that you have done some research into just how you can do that. And along the way, you may have come across the phrase “credit repair credit card”. But does such a thing really exist or

Top 7 Credit Score Tips for Everyone

A lot of the issues that surround credit scores and credit reports can be rather confusing to say the least. But the one thing that most people know is that the higher their credit score is the better their chances of getting a mortgage, a car loan or a credit card with

Understanding What Creditors See on Your Credit Report

(Updated 5/3/2018) Your credit report. You know it's important - you've heard it enough after all - but until people actually look at one they rarely understand what lenders see. And if their credit rating - that pesky numerical value that seems to hold some much weight