£500 Short Term Loans

If a financial emergency occurs and needs resolving fast, then you might need a £500 payday loan. Our £500 short term loans have been designed to provide you with financial support.

Whether you’re after small loans for bad credit or to pay off that next holiday. Our £500 loans could be just what you need.

Why you might need a Loan?

For those who can’t predict the future, short term loans can be helpful when you have an expense you didn’t plan for and don’t have the funds to cover – especially if there’s still a few days before payday. These expenses could include housing repairs, like a leaking roof, or replacing an essential appliance like a fridge if it breaks.

Short term loans with LoanPig are flexible – you can choose the amount you need to cover your unexpected expense, and the dates you can repay. We offer monthly repayment options.

Using your £500 Loan

When you apply for £500 loan, you are free to use the money as you please. However, we strongly suggest that your loan only be used to help yourself resolve a financial emergency.

We have provided a shortlist of the emergencies that individuals typically spend their £500 loans on:

  • Home repairs. This could include boiler or washing machine replacements or repairing flood damages.
  • Utilities or bills. An unexpected, larger than anticipated winter heating bill or even medical, dental or vet bills.
  • Vehicle repairs. Repairs to your car or motorcycle to return it to full working order.

Eligibility for a £500 Short Term Loan

To apply for any loan, you’ll need to tick a few boxes before you are considered eligible. Here at LoanPig, we look for some of the following criteria:

  • Be 18 years old or over
  • Have a regular income or a stable source of income
  • Be a UK resident and have a permanent address

We also ask that you have a valid email address and are able to supply proof of your address for the past three years. With all these things, we can review your application and come back with an instant decision regarding your £500 loan.

How do I apply for a loan?

Simply use our loan calculator to choose the loan amount and complete our short, online application form. The application process is simple, and if approved, you should expect to receive the funds within a few hours or the next working day.