£150 Loans From LoanPig


Some of our most popular loans are £150 loans, £300 loans, £500 loans and £750 loans. Here at LoanPig, we have an incredibly varied range of different loan amounts so that whatever your circumstances or needs we are certain that you will be able to find the right loan amount for you.

A lot of our customers choose these loans as they are highly convenient, flexible and have excellent repayment terms. We actually have a very customisable borrowing system in place, represented on our website by a slider that you can see here. Just enter in the amount of money that you want to borrow and choose how long you want to borrow the money for and your interest, monthly repayable, and total repayable figures will appear automatically on the right-hand side of the page.

We believe that this promotes complete clarity and transparency so no matter what loan amounts you want to choose from: £150 loans, £300 loans, £500 loans, £750 loans, or a larger figure, here at LoanPig you’ll be able to find your perfect loan. You are of course also able to decide on exactly how many months you would like to take in order to repay your loan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a £150 loan?

Absolutely, yes. Most direct lenders, like LoanPig, offer payday loans from £100 up to £1,500. Essentially, these are smaller loans that have been designed to help customers with minor financial assistance.

Where can I get a £300 loan from a direct lender?

LoanPig is a direct lender and offer payday loans from £100 to £500. You can apply for a payday loan by completing their online application form.

Can I get a £500 loan with bad credit?

Yes, you can. Having bad credit can make getting a loan difficult. However, LoanPig are welcome to all credit histories to apply online for a short term loan, even with bad credit.

What Are £150 Short Term Loans?

£150 short term loans form LoanPig are essentially smaller loans that have been designed to help customers who need some minor financial assistance. Our £150 short term loans are perfect to help you out of a situation where a small amount of cash is all that is needed to help you pay for what you need to pay for. A £150 payday loan is easier to pay back than a larger loan and can be used to pay for something in its entirety or for taking a chunk out of a larger debt. Learn more about our short term loans.

Spending Your £150 Loan

Typically, our customers will spend their £150 loan on:

  • Paying for bills that are larger than expected, such as a winter heating bill, or a bill accrued after a switch of energy providers
  • To replace basic household electronics like a microwave, kettle, iron
  • A food shop when you run out of budget for the month

Calculating The Cost Of Your £150 Payday Loan

Below, we have listed for you the exact cost of your £150 payday loan, for this example, we have stipulated that the loan will be borrowed over a period of three months:

  • Total Credit Amount: £150
  • Interest: £78.26
  • Monthly Repayable Amount: £76.09
  • Total Repayable Amount: £228.26
  • Duration Of Repayment: 3 months

How Much Would You Like?

Representative example: Borrow £300 over 3 months @ 292% pa (fixed) Total repayment: £457.95 in 3 monthly payments of £152.65. Representative 1261% APR.

What Are £300 Short Term Loans?

Our £300 short term loans are perfect for individuals who are wanting to acquire a moderate sum of money. They are best used to pay for emergency expenses that might arise suddenly and without warning. These kinds of emergency expenses can be debilitating if not planned for correctly. Therefore, our £300 short term loans are ideal for you when you need this sum of money in a very short space of time.

Spending Your £300 Loan

Typically, our customers will acquire a £300 loan from us in order to pay for the following expenses:

  • Paying for dental work that is only partially/is not covered by the NHS
  • Paying for a vet bill
  • Replacing larger appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers

Calculating The Cost Of Your £300 Payday Loan

For those of you are who looking to secure yourself a £300 payday loan we have listed below an exact representation of how much you will have to pay in interest, how much you will be paying each month and what the total amount you will be repaying over your three month period will be:

  • Total Credit Amount: £300
  • Interest: £156.52
  • Monthly Repayable Amount: £152.17
  • Total Repayable Amount: £456.52
  • Duration Of Repayment: 3 months

What Are £500 Short Term Loans?

Our £500 short term loans here at LoanPig are for those potential loanees who need a quick injection of a large amount of money in order to help them out in a financial emergency. As £500 is quite a lot of money it is not something to be taken lightly and you must make sure that you need this amount before you make an application for a £500 short term loan. The emergencies or situations that facilitate the taking out of a £500 short term loan can be quite serious and for the most part, will require your immediate attention.

Spending Your £500 Loan

The clients that take out a £500 loan with us will typically spend their loans on things such as:

  • Replacing furniture items such as sofas, beds or mattresses
  • Replacing some of the most expensive household/electronic appliances such as ovens, TV’s and fridge freezers
  • Paying for private medical bills
  • To finance repairs to your car, motorcycle or replacing a push-bike that is essential for your travel to/from work

Calculating The Cost Of Your £500 Payday Loan

Our £500 payday loans are, as mentioned, made for individuals who need a large amount of money to help them out of quite serious financial difficulty. As above, we have provided for you below a breakdown of all costs, interest and total amounts payable on your £500 payday loan. This way you know exactly how much you are going to be repaying. As follows:

  • Total Credit Amount: £500
  • Interest: £260.86
  • Monthly Repayable Amount: £253.62
  • Total Repayable Amount: £760.86
  • Duration Of Repayment: 3 months

What Are £750 Short Term Loans?

Our £750 short term loans are best used to pay for serious financial emergencies, where you need a very large amount of money quickly to keep yourself afloat. We understand that if you find yourself searching for, and ultimately needing a £750 short term loan then time will be of the essence. We make sure that we process all applications quickly and efficiently with decisions made in as short a time frame as possible.

Spending Your £750 Loan

Our £750 loan amounts are used by our customers in order to pay for major and sudden financial emergencies. £750 loans are, by way of being a very large sum of money, a serious commitment and we would always recommend that before you take out the loan you plan ahead and make sure that you are able to make the monthly repayment costs. If you think that the monthly costs may be too much for you to manage then we would suggest that you take the loan out over a longer period of time. The below is by no means an exhaustive list but is an example of such things that customers spend their £750 loans on:

  • To replace or to arrange for a major fix on your boiler or heating system, this includes pipes and the internal mechanisms that constitute the heating system itself
  • Repairing your home after flood damage or fire damage
  • To replace a car or a motorcycle if the vehicle in question is beyond repair
  • To pay off a number of other external debts so that all of your repayment obligations are contained within one place, and confined to one lender

Calculating The Cost Of Your £750 Payday Loan

If you decide that you do need a £750 payday loan, then for ease of use, we have provided an exact breakdown of all facets of your loan amount. This is ideal for you to plan ahead for the future so that your long-term budgeting can facilitate your monthly repayment obligations:

  • Total Credit Amount: £750
  • Interest: £391.29
  • Monthly Repayable Amount: £380.43
  • Total Repayable Amount: £1141.29
  • Duration Of Repayment: 3 months

Who Can Apply For A Loan With Us?

At LoanPig we pride ourselves on the non-restrictive nature of our eligibility criteria. We understand that a wide range of people will at some point in their lives need a helping hand and therefore so long as you are:

  • Aged 18 years old or above
  • Are a legal resident of the United Kingdom
  • Have a fully functioning and legitimate bank account
  • Have a valid email address and a mobile phone number

Then the chances are, you will be accepted for a loan amount with us! Even if you have a bad credit score, we will still process your application for a loan. Whether you want £150 loans, £300 loans, £500 loans, £750 loans, or a more specific figure, we would always recommend that you apply with us, especially if you are in dire need of a quick cash injection. Should we, for whatever reason, be unable to provide you with a loan then we can connect you to a large panel of well-regarded and U.K based lenders who should be able to assist you in securing a loan.

How To Apply For Your Next Loan

Applying for a loan with us could not be simpler. All you need to do is apply via our online application form, fill in all of the details that we require, hit submit, and we will be in touch with you before you know it with our decision. Learn more about our application process.

Repaying Your Loan

Repaying your loan is also an incredibly straightforward and easy process. We use something called a continuous payment authority. What this means is that we take the pre-agreed loan repayment amounts automatically from your bank account on the scheduled repayment dates (all the details of this will be agreed beforehand and in writing). You will therefore not need to send us the payments manually, which can be a hassle. All you need to do is to make sure that you have the loan repayment amount in your bank account a couple of days before the scheduled repayment date, and we will take care of everything else.