Short Term Loans

  • Have FCA Regulations Improved the Short Term Loan Market?

    Have FCA HCST (High Cost Short Term) Regulations Improved the Loan Market? Firtsly, the answer is YES, regulations have improved the loan market which now offers responsible lending however, it hasn't improved responsible borrowing. Nearly every article you read now, ...

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  • How Long Are Short Term Loans?

    How long are Short Term Loans? Short term loans are a type of emergency loan used to cover a short term financial need. Because of the relative high cost of borrowing for a short amount of time, loans are normally capped at 12 months. The best deals for payday loans are...

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Payday Loans

  • Do you offer Bad Credit Payday Loans?

    Do you offer Bad Credit Payday Loans? LoanPig is a responsible online lender and we do offer bad credit payday loans, but we take care to make sure that the loan is right for your circumstances. We can look passed the fact that you may have bad credit score and that you...

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  • How Do I Get a Payday Loan Refund?

    How Do I Get a Payday Loan Refund? There are a few questions you'll have to ask yourself before the "How do i get a payday loan refund?" question can be answered. Did taking out a payday loan make your financial situation worse? If you found that when you got into ...

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  • What are New Payday Loan Lenders?

    What are New Payday Loan Lenders? If you have taken a Payday loan out in the last 10 years you'll probably know who and what the new payday loan lenders are? These companies will have been setup after the FCA rules changed. In 2014, after some eye watering interest ...

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  • What Is A Payday Loan?

    What Is A Payday Loan? When you think "What is a Payday Loan?" you automatically assume it is a loan that is paid back on payday. However, a payday loan is essentially a small and unsecured short term loan (can also be referred to as an instalment loans, quick loans and...

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  • Why are Payday Loans for Bad Credit available?

    Why are Payday Loans for Bad Credit available? If you have to ask the question why are payday loans for bad credit available, then you may not have found yourself in a situation of debt problems.  If your income each month only just covers your outgoings each month, ...

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  • Are You FCA Approved?

    Taking Responsibility Before we answer the question of Are you FCA Approved? let me give you a little insight in the FCA. In April 2014 the FCA took over responsibility for consumer credit regulations and set out to put the spotlight on higher risk products like payday...

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Other Questions

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Debit Card

    Most people are used to using a debit card these days and many even use it on a daily basis, but there are pros and cons. Debit cards do have their critics though and not all financial experts think that over-reliance on a debit card over other methods of payment is ...

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  • Can I Get A Loan If I Have Bad Credit?

    Can I Get A Loan If I Have Bad Credit? I need a loan but if I have bad credit who will lend to someone like me? If this sounds familiar to you, there is some good news. loans for people with bad credit exist, and you may even be able to get one today from

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  • Do LoanPig Offer Really Bad Credit Loans?

    Do LoanPig Offer Really Bad Credit Loans? If you've ever asked yourself Do LoanPig offer really bad credit loans, then you might be in an unfortunate temporary position of having a really bad credit rating. Fear not LoanPig can help. LoanPig are an independent short ...

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  • I Need Money Now Can LoanPig Help?

    I Need Money Now Can LoanPig Help? You may find yourself in a situation that you hadn't planned for and you think to yourself I need money now can LoanPig help? and the answer is yes. LoanPig is a direct lender and broker, which will always gives you the best option. So...

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  • What are Credit Checks and how do they work?

    What are Credit Checks and how do they work? When applying for any type of credit or loan whether it be a personal loan, short term loan, payday loan, credit card, etc, the lender should complete a credit check which will appear on you file against the application you ...

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  • Who Are LoanPig?

    Who are LoanPig? Are you wondering who we are? Loanpig is an online payday loan and short term loan company offering short term credit to everyone in the UK (subject to certain criteria). We are able to offer you loans of between £100 and £1500 over a period of ...

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