Do LoanPig Offer Really Bad Credit Loans?

If you’ve ever asked yourself Do LoanPig offer really bad credit loans, then you might be in an unfortunate temporary position of having a really bad credit rating. Fear not LoanPig can help.

LoanPig are an independent short term loan direct lender and a broker, so you get the best of both worlds. We look beyond your credit rating and look at the more important questions that need to be asked when review your applications for a Short term loan or even a payday loan.

Details LoanPig take into account;

  1. We look at your current position compared to the time you were in difficulty
  2. We look for a pattern of improvement in your circumstances and determine whether lending to you would improve your financial situation, because we are a responsible lender
  3. We take into account your older debt and if it is now being managed
  4. We understand that there may have been a time when you were out of work, but now you are back in full time work again.

These are just a few of the reasons why LoanPig can offer short term loans to people with really bad credit.

Do All Short Term Lenders Offer This?

The answer is unfortunately, No.  Most direct loan lenders and brokers now only offer an fully automated system without any human intervention.

Now, we know that the automation software performed by intelligent robots and apps is very sophisticated nowadays and if your credit score is good then they can automatically determine whether or not they choose to lend, but an intervention to investigate your situation is best done by humans.

LoanPig is Your Choice

Next time you find yourself in a financial situation where you need a short term loan or just need a payday loan until your next payday, choose LoanPig. We will look at your application carefully instead of automatically declining you.