Payday Express Loan Alternative

If you are looking for a way to stretch your money until your next pay day or are looking for a way to get some extra money together in the event of an emergency, then you have come to the right place.

At LoanPig, we are committed to ensuring everyone in need of a little extra cash can have someone to rely on. We believe that one of the main things that trap people in a cycle of debt and borrowing is taking out more money than they can afford by being ill-informed about the types of loan solutions that there are out there.

While many people may instantly look towards bigger and more long-standing payday loan providers for their payday loan, such as Payday Express, it’s important to shop around. If you are looking for a Payday Express payday loan alternative, then be sure to read on to find out what it is that makes LoanPig such a great choice.

What Is The Biggest Difference Between LoanPig And Payday Express Loans?

Perhaps one of the biggest differences between LoanPig loans and Payday Express loans is the fact that they offer a larger loan amount and are a direct lender of short term loans. A direct lender is one which deals with your loan independently without dealing with intermediaries.


Is LoanPig A Direct Lender Or A Broker?

It is important to know whether you are better suited to referring to a direct lender or a broker. A direct lender like Payday Express will be able to supply the funds for your loan directly, whereas a broker operates in a different way.

Although Loanpig is a direct lender, the broker service LoanPig gives you offers you the opportunity to scour through a wide range of payday loan lenders in order to find the ideal one for you, taking into consideration your particular specifications and desired loan amount.

If you are looking to find a more tailored service in relation to Payday Express payday loans, then a broker like LoanPig is the ideal choice for you.


How Do Payday Express Payday Loans Work?

Payday Express loans work in a very similar way to that of many other payday loan lenders- you are required to fill out an online application form and have your application approved before you can be offered a loan.

Payday Express also carefully consider your application and make their decision to lend to you based on certain affordability checks. Here at LoanPig, we are able to offer you a Payday Express payday loan alternative where you can pick your desired loan amount prior to your application and we will match you with a loan provider that is best suited to your particular needs.


Payday Express Loans Vs. LoanPig Loans

Considering your options prior to taking out a payday loan is so important in an industry that is oversaturated with lenders. While both Payday Express and LoanPig are reputable lenders and regulated by the FCA, they are also wildly different. In order to make the best decision, be sure to weigh up your options regarding what LoanPig can offer you that Payday Express cannot.


Loan Amount

With LoanPig you can borrow any sum of money between £100 and £1500, which ensures that you will always be able to cover any sort of financial emergency. On the other hand, Payday Express are able to offer you anywhere between £100 and £2000, which sounds ideal but does mean that you could be tempted to take out more money than you need and end up struggling to pay it back. Be mindful of the amount of money you actually need as opposed to how much you want.


Acceptance Rates

Here at LoanPig, we take pride in being able to offer exceptional results when it comes to application acceptance rates. We believe that no one should be turned away from having the support of a payday loan and look at whether you will be able to meet your repayments without solely focussing on your credit rating.

At Payday Express, you will find that you are assessed on other checks that are unique to Payday Express and could find that you are turned away from being eligible from a loan even with a decent credit score.


Do LoanPig Offer Loans To Those With A Poor Credit History?

One thing you can guarantee when choosing LoanPig as your Payday Express loan alternative is that we take every application into consideration, regardless of your credit background. We do not perform any credit checks upon receiving your application and believe that your past should not dictate your ability to have access to a loan today.

We and the lenders on our panel really take care to assess your situation and ability to make repayments before lending. We have some of the highest acceptance rates of our competitors, which is why you are more likely to be accepted for a Payday Express loan alternative with us.


Who Benefits From A LoanPig Loan?

The great thing about LoanPig is that we allow everyone the chance to get access to their perfect quick loan! As long as you are over the age of 18, have some form on income coming in to your account each month, are a UK resident and have an active bank account and card attached, and you will be eligible to be considered to a loan.


For further information about what it is that makes us stand out from the crowd and make us a successful Payday Express payday loans alternative, please visit our FAQ’s page or get in touch with us. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are always on hand to help you better manage your finances!