MyJar Loan Alternative

MyJar are no longer taking applications for loans from new or existing lenders.

If you’re in need of a short term loan or are currently seeking a MyJar loan alternative in order to solve a financial emergency, then you should look no further than a short term loan from LoanPig. We are here to provide you with an emergency loan solution.

Choosing a loan is not always straightforward. That is because a lot of the options on the market today each have their own specific criteria, repayment structures and terms and conditions. Therefore, choosing MyJar, over an alternative, might not always be the best option for your financial situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are MyJar Loans?

MyJar is a direct lender, not a broker. They offer payday and short term loans. This means that when you apply for a payday loan you apply directly with them.

How does LoanPig compare to MyJar Loans?

LoanPig are a direct lender and a broker who offer loans amounts of £100-£1,500. MyJar doesn’t charge any fees, neither do LoanPig. Each have a cooling off period of 14 days.

Can I get a MyJar loan alternative?

Yes, absolutely. LoanPig offers a great MyJar loan alternative in order to solve a financial emergency. We are here to provide you with an emergency loan solution.

How Does a MyJar Loan Work?

When you apply for a MyJar loan, you’re submitting your application directly to the lender. They assess your application and provide you with the cash if your loan is approved. What this means is that the interest rates and other fees, the charges, the loan terms and the repayment periods that are applied to your loan are all set by the lender i.e. MyJar. This process lacks flexibility, and priorities a “one-size fits all” approach to payday loan lending which we here at LoanPig do not agree with.

Why Choose a MyJar Loan Alternative?

If you are experiencing a financial emergency and need cash fast, a MyJar loan alternative, such as those provided by LoanPig (directly or via our brokerage service) can give you access to the money you need when you really need it most.

By seeking out the best possible deal, you are making sure that you are getting the most competitive interest rates, as well as the right deal for you. Instead of having your repayment period pre-set by the lender, you really should choose a lender who will allow you to choose your own repayment period.

Loans like MyJar

If you wanted to pay your loan off quickly, then you can choose a lender who has a repayment term of 3 months, or you can choose a lender who has a repayment term of 12 months if you need more time to pay off your loan.

With LoanPig you not only have access to a direct lender but you also have access to a broad panel of different UK lenders, so with more lenders to choose from, you have a greater chance of finding a short term loan with more affordable repayments and more flexible loan terms to suit your individual needs. Whereas with MyJar, you only have one option.

How Much Would You Like?

Representative example: Borrow £300 over 3 months @ 292% pa (fixed) Total repayment: £457.95 in 3 monthly payments of £152.65. Representative 1261% APR.

How Much Can I Borrow?

Depending on your financial situation, with a LoanPig short term loan, you could borrow as little as £1000 or as much as £1,500, or any amount in between. However, it’s important to remember to only borrow as much as you can afford to repay. Click here to learn more about our short term loans. MyJar’s lending amounts are upto £900 for a period of 3 months, £1800 over a period of 6 months and £3600 over 12 months.

How do I apply?

The application process for a MyJar loan alternative is quick and easy and is as simple as filling in an online application form. Simply enter in the details that we need to process your application, including the amount you want to borrow, and we will do the rest. Once you’ve completed your application and submitted it to us, you’ll receive a text message or an email letting you know whether your application has been approved.

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