How to Help Your New Spouse Rebuild Their Bad Credit

The day you got married was great. Now you are looking forward to a very rosy future with your new spouse. However, something someone said at the reception on your big day has stayed in the back of your mind. Uncle Fred said your new spouse's bad credit was really going

Get Fit on a Budget – Getting in Shape for Less

You've made a promise to yourself to really work on getting fit this coming year – preferably before it’s time for your bigger summer holidays - but your wallet can't quite cope with the extra strain that an expensive gym membership or sessions with a pricey

Help! Why Don’t I Have a Credit Score?

You want to apply for a credit card, or a store card. Or you are thinking about taking out a small loan. You know that a credit score will be important, so you check yours. And lo and behold, you don't actually have one! Finding out you don’t have a credit score can

How are Credit Limits Computed for Individual Cardholders?

Have you ever wondered just how your lending institution computed your credit card limit? Or what you can do to convince them to raise it? The answers are a little more complicated than you might think. The fact is that most consumers have, at one time or another,