How To Apply For Loans Safely

How To Apply For Loans Safely Borrowing money is one of those things that nobody wants to do, but unfortunately, most of us will end up turning to a loan at some point. Whether you are borrowing for an emergency, borrowing for something like a car or even your education

How to Protect Yourself from Cloned Loan Companies

How to Protect Yourself from Cloned Loan Companies Fraudsters and con artists are everywhere, and the internet has only given them access to a wider marketplace of trusting consumers. Whether they’re selling things through social media or attempting to trick people

Payday Loans In 2018

What is happening to Payday Loans in 2018 First of all, happy New Year and welcome to 2018. The short term loan and payday loan industry has undergone some serious changes in 2017. With the introduction of a number of firms offering to get refunds for payday loans,

The Deadline For Raising PPI Claims

We have all heard of the PPI claim commotion that has been sweeping the nation. To recap, Payment Protection Insurance was a form of insurance that was sold (and miss-sold) to thousands of people when they signed up to loans, credit cards and other financial agreements