How to save money on utility bills

More money saving tips from LoanPig.  Energy bills are big news yet again. In July it was reported that people who have smart meters installed might only save an average of £11 annually on their energy bills, much less than originally hoped. Then in August British Gas

Five Common Money Mistakes

Sort out your finances with online loans from LoanPig It is a sad fact of life that some people are good with money and others just aren't. We've all got that one friend who always seems to be able to buy what they need and yet also has savings and, as far as we can

Top 10 ways to save money on holiday

Money saving ideas for your late summer holiday Although we are nearing the end of the school holidays, that does not mean that holiday season is over. You may be  planning to grab a quick last-minute break with the family before the children go back to school, or be