Why APR isn’t a Good Indicator of Value for Short Term Loans

If you have only ever heard one thing about short-term loans - sometimes also known as payday loans - it's probably that the interest rates charged are astronomically high in comparison with other types of loan. It's a narrative that is repeated a lot, but one that is

Your Credit Rating is Important – So Here’s How You Repair It

As most people are very well aware, having a good credit rating can open up a lot of opportunities for you. You can get a loan to buy a house or a car, get a good credit card that has a low rate of interest and a decent rewards program and you are generally seen as a

Payday Loans Without A Credit Check?

Payday Loans No Credit Check? So is it still possible to get a payday loan without a credit check? It's not a simple question to answer but we'll have a go filling in the details. In short the summary is it's increasingly hard to get a payday or short term loan with no