4 Free Things To Do With The Family This Summer 

4 Free Things To Do With The Family This Summer 

Keeping the whole family entertained throughout the 6-week break is challenging. Many parents try to rack their brains for things to do daily to ensure everyone is happy and occupied. However, despite there being tons of activities available, their prices often aren’t as appealing. Especially with everything getting that bit more expensive over the past few years, paying for tons of expensive entertainment just isn’t feasible for most people anymore. As a consequence, finding things to do in your price range is much more difficult. Thankfully, not everything fun has to be expensive. There are hundreds of fun free activities to do in every city, probably more than you can think of! Each city will have its offerings and activities. As we cannot cover every city, here are a few free activities to look out for this summer, whether they’re hosted by external parties or even just ideas for families to enjoy at home. 

Local Summer Fairs 

During the summer, many small towns host local summer fairs or stalls. Occasionally, these events include kid-friendly attractions like inflatables or small rides. Visiting these fairs with the family is an excellent way to see what each vendor has to offer. Whether you decide to make a purchase or not, it’s a nice way to spend your day, see what the fair has to offer, and support the local community.

Visit a Museum

The majority of museums in England are free to enter; the few that do charge for special events or VIP experiences are entirely optional. Regardless of the age of the family, museums offer excellent entertainment. Discovering historical snippets is also an invaluable educational tool, adding to the advantages of the free activity. Each city has its own list of museums from natural history to science to artwork, the list goes on. To find which museums are in your city, you could visit Yell or Tripadvisor.


Like museums, pop-up exhibitions are regularly held in various cities; depending on where you live, this might happen as frequently as daily. Exhibitions are usually more varied because they are open to all types of businesses. Even while there are some paid options among them, there are plenty of free activities for you to visit as well. This kind of activity can be found on Eventbrite, which displays a list of events that are specifically tailored to your location, so all of the results are reliable.

Outdoor Cinema

During the summertime, one popular event that pops up includes outdoor cinemas. Although these often have charges involved, some cinemas also offer free tickets. Nevertheless, why don’t you try bringing the outdoor cinema to your home? You can try making the kids a fort out of whatever you currently have in your house, or you could just use some pillows to create a cozy outside space. You could save a tonne of money if you have any handheld devices like an iPad or laptop; just set them up, get some snacks, and turn on a film.

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