Does Money Make You Happy?

Manage your money with short term loan from LoanPig Money is just like time. However much we have we just want that little bit more. But when that little bit more does happen, it is never quite enough. Many of us dream about having lots of money. Imagine having no more

Ten Tips to get Christmas sorted!

Money saving tips for Christmas from LoanPig. We hate to say it but Christmas is coming! Even though it hardly seems five minutes since last Christmas, it’s already that time of year when the clocks are going back, the evenings are darker earlier, and the battle of

Break away this autumn.

Time for a holiday with an online loan from LoanPig Well it’s certainly beginning to feel like autumn! Back to School is almost forgotten as families everywhere are firmly back in the daily grind. Despite the sunshine there’s a crispness in the air, and the evenings

Oops I did it again! Financial recovery from school holidays

Rescue your finances with a short term loan from LoanPig. Summer is over, the kids are back at school, and before we know it Christmas will be here!! But in amongst all the business of everyday life there is one small problem: money. Or, to be more accurate, lack of it

How to save money on utility bills

More money saving tips from LoanPig.  Energy bills are big news yet again. In July it was reported that people who have smart meters installed might only save an average of £11 annually on their energy bills, much less than originally hoped. Then in August British Gas

Five Common Money Mistakes

Sort out your finances with online loans from LoanPig It is a sad fact of life that some people are good with money and others just aren't. We've all got that one friend who always seems to be able to buy what they need and yet also has savings and, as far as we can

Rebuilding a Bad Credit Rating: Go it Alone or Get Help

If you have a bad credit rating, or even if there are just inaccuracies on one of your credit reports (you do have three - one with each of the major credit reporting companies) making the decision whether to try to repair your credit yourself and save money or hire an

15 Easy – and Painless – Ways to Save for Tomorrow

You know that you should be saving more of your money, whether it's for a specific goal (a new house, a new car, a nice holiday) or just for a rainy day. In fact, you know that everyone should have a savings account that has more than a couple of quid in it. And you do

How to Help Your New Spouse Rebuild Their Bad Credit

The day you got married was great. Now you are looking forward to a very rosy future with your new spouse. However, something someone said at the reception on your big day has stayed in the back of your mind. Uncle Fred said your new spouse's bad credit was really going