Best Ways To Save Money

Everyone wants to save money right? But saving money usually means doing without or scrimping and saving. But with these five money saving tips, you could save hundreds of pounds a year without having to compromise your lifestyle. 1. Make use of price comparison

Tips for Finding the Best Bargains

Tips for finding the Best Bargains If money is tight then it’s best to do everything you can to reduce your monthly outgoings. As well as having little or no spare money you might be one of those people who have bad credit, this could be down to a missed payment or a

Top benefits of Short Term loans

Top benefits of Short Term loans Short Term loans are an excellent way to raise cash in a hurry. If you need to sort out any kind of financial crisis, a short term or instalment loan can be one of the best solutions, and they are even available to consumers with bad

How to Sort out your Finances in 2019

Christmas is now over and many of us are now beginning to realise that, despite our good intentions, we spent far too much money. But if you are counting the cost of Christmas,  you are not the only one! Recent research from investment company Hargreaves Lansdown

What if you miss Black Friday?!

Money saving tips for Christmas from LoanPig. Black Friday weekend has arrived, along with all the hype that inevitably accompanies it. Our last article - Get Ready for Black Friday - contains lots of useful advice about how to ensure that you get genuine bargains and

Extra Cash for Christmas!

Save money for Christmas with help from LoanPig Christmas is drawing nearer, and many of us have already begun our preparations. In our recent article Ten Tips to Get Christmas Sorted we looked at various ways to cut the cost of Christmas, and also how to make some

Keep warm for less this winter

Save money on heating bills this winter with money saving tips from LoanPig So the clocks have gone back and the dark nights are here. The long hot summer now seems a distant dream, and we are all reaching for our winter coats and central heating controls. Keeping our

Does Money Make You Happy?

Manage your money with short term loan from LoanPig Money is just like time. However much we have we just want that little bit more. But when that little bit more does happen, it is never quite enough. Many of us dream about having lots of money. Imagine having no more

Ten Tips to get Christmas sorted!

Money saving tips for Christmas from LoanPig. We hate to say it but Christmas is coming! Even though it hardly seems five minutes since last Christmas, it’s already that time of year when the clocks are going back, the evenings are darker earlier, and the battle of

Break away this autumn.

Time for a holiday with an online loan from LoanPig Well it’s certainly beginning to feel like autumn! Back to School is almost forgotten as families everywhere are firmly back in the daily grind. Despite the sunshine there’s a crispness in the air, and the evenings