5 Things To Do For Under A Fiver

Entertaining a whole family at the same time can be difficult, and even expensive. Where ever you visit, there will likely be a cost involved, whether that be in fuel, food or even just typical purchases. Although the amount might not be much, it soon adds up, especially if you are taking the whole family with you. Therefore, we have put together a list of 5 things you can do for under a fiver along with their downsides too.

things to do for under a fiver - cinema

Take A Trip To The Cinema

Wherever you are in the UK, there is probably some sort of cinema chain nearby. This could be Vue, Cineworld or even the Odeon. Although, regular trips to the cinema can get expensive, especially if you are taking the whole family. Therefore, cinemas including Vue have set up a discounted day named ‘Super Mondays’. This is where every Monday, tickets are £3.99 instead of around £10. So, if you and your family are looking to go to the cinema, but are conscious of the price, why not try searching around your area to find the cheapest option.

Downsides To Cinema Trips

Although a £3.99 deal is great, you still have to consider the price of fuel, parking and even snacks when you arrive at the cinema. Meaning, depending on your party size, you could be spending a lot more than you actually planned too. Typically, the price of the snacks at the cinema tend to be high, a lot higher than we would hope. This is because they need to make some sort of profit to keep going.


Visit A Museum

If educating yourself on different historic exhibits sound interesting to you, exploring a museum might be your best option. The UK is full of different museums which are fun for the whole family, whatever age you are. The larger museums tend to be located in the cities up and down the UK, but you will still be able to find smaller ones in other areas. Thankfully, most museums are free of charge, although you may have to pay for those which are not permanent.

Downsides To Museums

Although they are cheap and cheerful, museums are not always open. Therefore, you are limited to certain days/times when you can visit.

Public Park

Visit A Public Park

The UK is full of greenery and nature. Therefore, finding a public park is not difficult, especially if you live in the country. Taking a trip to a public park could even equate to a free trip out if you walk to and from your own home. Even if you want to take some spare change on a sunny day for ice cream, your trip will still cost less then a fiver.

Downsides To Public Parks

If you live in the city or in a very built-up area, you may struggle to find one which you do not have to drive too or struggle to find one at all.

Art Gallery - things to do for under a fiver

Explore An Art Gallery

Similarly to museums, art galleries tend to be free of charge too. Whether you are looking for modern art or historic art, you can find plenty of galleries offering both all over the UK. Art galleries can be exciting for those of all ages. They enable you to explore different creative exhibits and perhaps even spark up some ideas of your own. Two of the most popular include:

Downsides To Art Galleries

Again, they are not open all of the time. Therefore, if the time that they are open are not convenient for you, you will not be able to visit. Along with this, they are not are popular as other attractions, leading to less of them available to the public.

Home Fun - things to do for under a fiver

Have Fun At Home

Lastly, one of our favourite things you can do for under a fiver is have fun at home! Not everybody wants to go out and explore, therefore, so why not have a fantastic day at home? Whether you are spending time with the kids, renting a movie or even making a homemade 3-course meal, there are plenty of ways you can keep your activity cheap and cheerful. Your idea of having fun at home might be having a movie marathon in bed, or spending all day browsing the web, and that is totally fine to do once in a while.

Downsides To Having Fun At Home

Unless you are up and making the most of your time, spending the day at home looking at a screen is not always the best thing to do. Too much screen time can impact the development of a child’s speech, therefore, using screens in smaller doses may be a better option.


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