Clever Ways To Cut Costs On Your Food Bill 

Clever Ways To Cut Costs On Your Food Bill

Prices rising are particularly evident when purchasing for our food shops. A slight rise in prices can be considerably more obvious for those purchasing on tight budgets. As a result, many families and individuals have discovered that they’re forced to make cost-cutting decisions. As well as give up some of their favourite items in order to stay within their initial budget. The truth is that no one really wants to do this. If you find yourself feeling the squeeze while on your next food shopping trip, don’t worry. There are numerous ways you can reduce costs without sacrificing your favourite items by making a few small adjustments to your usual shopping habits. Making small alterations could seem like a big problem if you have a precise list of the produce you need to buy each week. However, if you want to cut costs, these suggestions might be your best bet.

Save The Planet Using Apps To Tackle Food Waste

With the technological advancements society has witnessed over the past few years, there isn’t really any kind of creation that hasn’t been made already. If you’ve spent enough time on your phone recently, you may have become familiar with the UK’s most popular food waste app, ‘Too Good To Go‘. Despite not only impacting the planet, food waste has a value of over £19 billion a year, which is definitely not beneficial for our pockets (WRAP). With this in mind, the company takes pride in its acknowledgement of the issues stemming from food waste and, therefore, has created a solution that lets you rescue unsold food from your favourite spots around the UK for a fraction of the price. The app uses location services to inform users of the food available in their area. Some of the most popular deals include bags from Starbucks, M&S, Toby Carvery, and even Morrisons.

Schedule Your Big Shops For The Evening

We understand that it can be difficult to change your loyalties from one supermarket to another. After all, you may think that the produce in one shop is better than the produce in another. Therefore, it is time to begin shopping smart at the supermarket of your choice. Firstly, scheduling your food shopping for the evening offers a better chance of finding lower prices, especially on Sundays. The later you visit the supermarket, the more likely you are to find produce swarmed by lucky yellow stickers. Although this food may be on its use-by date, there’s no harm in freezing it for another time.

Secondly, scouting around to find deals is always a great option. In fact, if you’re lucky, your favourite items may be reduced on the day that you shop.

Understanding the Psychological Tricks

If you haven’t noticed already, supermarkets use hundreds of psychological tricks to make you increase your spending in their stores. Whether you’ve got a well-prepared shopping list or not, it seems easy to add things that aren’t on the list. Promotional prices, grab-level eye-line finds, freshly baked goods, and product placement are all ways in which supermarkets can trick you into overspending. However, with the rise of inflation, many of us can’t actually afford to overspend, as going over budget can soon cause chaos and stress elsewhere. If you find yourself in an unfortunate financial emergency, here at LoanPig, we can offer you a payday loan to overcome the financial struggles for the month. Find out more here.