Why do Poorer People pay Higher Bills?

It’s long been a complaint of the poor that the richer people in society seem to pay less for everything and, as a result, can afford better services. Poorer individuals would love to be in the same position but don’t know where they’re going wrong. Just why do

A Guide To APR

LoanPig specialise in finding the best short term loan solutions to suit the needs of any kind of consumer in the UK. Our huge panel of lenders makes it an easy matter to compare loans and repayment options and select the best payday loan or short term loan to match

How To Get A Loan With Bad Credit

Have you been turned down for a loan with a bank due to bad credit?  It may still be possible to get the cash you need. Why don’t banks lend to people with bad credit? When a person applies to borrow money from a bank, the bank’s credit assessor checks that person

How to Holiday on a Budget

How to Holiday on a Budget Spring is in the air and you are thinking of the warmer weather that is on its way but when you're short of cash, holidays seem incredibly out of reach. However, if you are savvy about spending and use loans cleverly, you'll be surprised what

How much Cash can I get with a Payday loan?

How much cash can I get with a Payday loan? Payday loans can be an ideal way to solve immediate financial problems and get you out of a crisis. They're usually quick and easy to apply for and generally offer instant decisions to applicants. If you are thinking about

Top Ten Free Christmas Attractions

Save money this Christmas with LoanPig. Christmas is on its way! Our recent article Ten Tips to Get Christmas Sorted includes lots of advice about getting ready for Christmas without overspending. But Christmas also means school holidays, and it can be really expensive

What if you miss Black Friday?!

Money saving tips for Christmas from LoanPig. Black Friday weekend has arrived, along with all the hype that inevitably accompanies it. Our last article - Get Ready for Black Friday - contains lots of useful advice about how to ensure that you get genuine bargains and

Get Ready for Black Friday!

Money saving tips for Black Friday bargains Next Friday - 23rd November - is Black Friday.  In America, Black Friday is the day immediately after Thanksgiving. It marks the official start of the Christmas shopping season and there are many price reductions and special

How to save money on utility bills

More money saving tips from LoanPig.  Energy bills are big news yet again. In July it was reported that people who have smart meters installed might only save an average of £11 annually on their energy bills, much less than originally hoped. Then in August British Gas

Five Common Money Mistakes

Sort out your finances with online loans from LoanPig It is a sad fact of life that some people are good with money and others just aren't. We've all got that one friend who always seems to be able to buy what they need and yet also has savings and, as far as we can