How Does LoanPig Work As A Peachy Loan Alternative?

Peachy loans are no longer offering loans to new or existing customers and have ceased trading

When it comes to finding the right loan for you, it can be difficult to know where to turn. Many people will often turn to the brands that they know best, but that doesn’t mean that those brands are offering you the products that are best for you.

Here at LoanPig, we can offer you a Peachy payday loan alternative, and we can provide you with a selection of some of the UK’s top payday loan lenders on the off chance that LoanPig cannot supply you with a loan directly, all at the touch of a button.

We understand the need to get cash fast when you’re facing a financial emergency and because of this, we aim to keep our application process as simple as possible. Here, we’re taking a look at the difference between LoanPig and one of the top payday lenders in the UK, Peachy Loans, in order to help you determine which one is right for you.

The application process for an emergency loan here at LoanPig is simple. All you have to do is choose how much you want to borrow and how long you want to borrow it for. Then our online calculator will do the rest. After this, we will ask you to fill in a few details so we can get a better understanding of your eligibility in line with our responsible lending practices.

Once you have submitted your application, we will pass on your details to our direct lender dept and a small panel of lenders who we believe is most suited to the amount you want to borrow and how much you can afford to pay back.

We aim to get your money to you as soon as possible, and if you have filled out your application before 3pm Monday-Friday, we will even get your money to you on the same day! We have a variety of payday loan lenders and instalment loan lenders on our list, so you have plenty of options rather than turning straight to Peachy Loans. Whatever you’re looking for, you can be certain to find it here with LoanPig.


What Is The Difference Between LoanPig & Peachy Payday Loans?

The biggest difference between LoanPig and Peachy Loans is that when you borrow a Peachy payday loan, you are doing so through a direct lender. Here at LoanPig however, we are a Direct lender as well as a broker who will connect you with a range of different payday loan lenders, in order to provide you with the most suitable option for your needs. The amount that you can borrow when choosing LoanPig or Peachy is similar, although LoanPig your borrowing range is slightly wider (from £100 – £1500) compared to Peachy’s (£100 – £1000) to make your short term loan repayments far more flexible.


Is LoanPig A Payday Loan Lender?

At LoanPig, we are a direct lender and a broker, meaning we provide you the best of both worlds and with a match against some of the UK’s best lenders. This provides you with the ultimate flexibility and far more choice when it comes to how much you want to borrow, over what period of time, at a cost that you can afford. Our online loan calculator can help to provide you with an estimate of how much your payday loan will cost you, at an APR of 1261%. This is one of the most competitive APRs on the market, so you can be certain that you are in the safest of hands with LoanPig. Peachy Loans however are a direct lender, meaning you carry out the entire application through them – but this is not always the most flexible way to find the right deal for you.


How Do Peachy Loans Work?

As a Peachy payday loan alternative, we aim to provide you with all of the information that you need to ensure you’re making the right decision for you. With Peachy Loans, you can borrow from £100-£1000 over a period of 1 to 12 months. This means that you are provided with a flexible service.

The application is simple and easy, and, like LoanPig, there is an online calculator to provide you with all of the information that you need regarding how much you’re borrowing, how long for, the number of payments that are set to be made, the first payment date, the cost of each repayment and the total amount repayable.

As a Peachy payday loan alternative, we aim to provide you with this information across a range of lenders, in order to ensure that you are borrowing from the lender that matches your requirements.


Peachy Payday Loans vs. LoanPig

There are a number of differences between Peachy payday loans and the Peachy payday loan alternative service provided by LoanPig. We have detailed some of the main differences below, but the biggest comparison is the fact that when borrowing a Peachy payday loan directly from Peachy Loans, you are borrowing from a direct lender. Here at LoanPig however, we do all of the hard work for you when it comes to matching the loan amount that you require with either us as a direct lender or our panel of lenders who can provide you with the best repayment plan for your budget.

Loan Amount

When you choose LoanPig as a Peachy payday loan alternative, we aim to keep your loan as manageable as possible, and understand that many people only need a small amount of cash to help them get through until pay day. Because of this, we offer loans from £100-£1500. You can borrow a Peachy payday loan up to 12 months however, but it is important to remember that the longer you have a loan for, the more interest builds up.



When you take out a Peachy loan, you will find that their Representative APR is 947%. This is one of the lowest APRs on the market, which helps when it comes to customers borrowing a large amount of money over a longer period of time. Here at LoanPig, as a Peachy payday loan alternative, we aim to find you the most appropriate payday loan lender, in order to ensure that you can get the amount of money that you need to cover your financial emergency, while keeping the loan manageable in terms of repayment.


Repayment Periods

Here at LoanPig, as a Peachy payday loan alternative, we aim to be as flexible as possible and so we offer borrowers the chance to take out a loan from a period of 3 to 12 months. This can help borrowers to repay the loan in more manageable portions, but still pay the loan off within a short period of time. A Peachy loan has the same repayment range, and borrowers can opt to repay the loan in up to 12 months.


Responsible Lending

As an FCA approved company, we strongly apply responsible lending practices to all areas of our business. We are always transparent at every stage of the process throughout your application, and also ensure that your personal details are kept safe. While we understand that payday loans can be a solution to some financial emergencies, we also aim to ensure that all of our customers that borrow money from one of our lenders meet a certain eligibility criteria. This means that our customers must be at least 18 years old, be in full time employment and have a bank account, in order to meet our basic lending criteria. Peachy Loans also operates under the Financial Conduct Authority, meaning they are also a responsible lender.


Quick Applications

In times of a financial emergency, getting money quickly is imperative. This is why we aim to ensure that your money is in your account by the same day, if you apply for a loan through us by 3pm Monday to Friday. If you miss this, we aim to get the money to you as quickly as possible by the next working day. With a Peachy payday loan, you will obtain an immediate provisional decision, but a few more details may need to be confirmed before the application is fully processed and the money enters your account.


Why Choose LoanPig?

There are a number of reasons why you should choose LoanPig as a Peachy payday loan alternative. We can provide you with a full service in order to ensure that your repayments are made as manageable as possible depending on the loan amount that you require. While we are not only a direct lender like Peachy Loans, we are, like Peachy, 100% transparent and secure, so you can be certain that your personal details are safe with us. We will tell you exactly how much your repayments will be per month and over the duration of the loan all with our simple online loan calculator tool.

With LoanPig, we will take care of all of the hard work, and while you may have to undergo various credit and affordability checks with each lender, we will match you to the ones that we strongly believe you will have the highest acceptance rate with. Have any questions? Then visit our FAQs page, or contact a member of our team today.


Please note :  LoanPig or any of its subsidiaries are in no way connected to Peachy or any of its subsidiaries. The article above represents a factual comparison to a Peachy loan. If you apply for a loan on the LoanPig website, you are applying for a short term loan with LoanPig and it’s panel of lenders, not Peachy.


Update : Cash On Go Limited (in administration) – “COG” or the “Company” trading as
Adam Stephens, Gilbert Lemon and Henry Shinners of Smith & Williamson LLP were appointed as joint administrators (the “Administrators”) of Cash On Go Ltd on 5 March 2020.
Cash On Go Ltd traded as in the UK and provided lending services to the UK consumer market.