What Are 6 Month Loans?

It can sometimes be difficult to know how you will cope with managing your finances in the event of a financial emergency situation and, while we all try to prepare for the worst, it can be stressful trying to make ends meet should you find yourself being out of pocket. LoanPig offers a bespoke and trustworthy emergency loan service and offers its customers highly sought after 6 month payday loans to help you with balancing the books. 6 month loans with LoanPig can really put you at ease and will allow you to get back into the black once more, without any fuss or stress.

Here at LoanPig, we offer our customers the chance to take out flexible 6 month short term loans. The great thing about 6 month loans is that they can be paid back over a period of half a year in equal and pre-determined lump sum payments and allow you to spread the total cost over a 6 month period. This ensures that, regardless of your loan amount, you will be able to better manage your repayments over an extended period of time. Depending on your 6 month loan amount, you may find yourself paying back less each month with a 6 month short term loan with LoanPig.


How Is A 6 Month Payday Loan Different To Other Payday Loans?

The main difference between 6 month loans in comparison to another, standard payday loan is that the repayment period is set over a 6 month period. Should you be approved for a 6 month short term loan by LoanPig, you will be able to make your repayments over 6 months. Many other short term loans are required to be paid back over a month or two, which can make it tricky for some people to commit to making repayments. The great thing about 6 month loans is that they can be paid back over an extended period of time which is a better option for some people.


Are 6 Month Loans Unsecured?

One of the biggest selling points of 6 month loans as opposed to any other loan is the fact that a 6 month payday loan is unsecured. This means that should you fail to meet your monthly repayments, you will not be faced with something as awful of losing your house or other valuable possessions as a result. Bank loans are secured, which means you could be faced with terrible problems such as repossession. A 6 month loan with LoanPig can offer you peace of mind in this respect as you are safe from giving up your hard-earned home, car and other possessions.


Can You Apply For A 6 Month Loan Online?

At LoanPig, our 6 month short term loans application process is easy and takes a few minutes to complete- simply fill out your personal details, income, expenditure and bank details and you will be met with a decision on your application in minutes. Our entire application process is completed online which means you do not have to deal with bothersome phone calls too!


Why Apply For A 6 Month Payday Loan With LoanPig?

The great thing about choosing LoanPig when it comes to giving you that extra bit of cash to see you through a difficult time is that we have your interests at heart and offer a reliable and transparent service. Here at LoanPig we offer some of the highest rates of acceptance when it comes to our 6 month payday loans applications which means you are more likely to get the cash you need with us than with anyone else!


When Will I Receive My 6 Month Loan?

Once you complete our straightforward 6 month loan online application form, your application will be assessed and if it is successful, will be matched with the best possible lender for your specific needs. You should receive a response as to whether your application was successful within a matter of minutes and could see the money you need in your account the very same day or the day after!


Are There Any Restrictions To Applying For 6 Month Loans?

If you are on the lookout for 6 month loans then look no further than LoanPig. We have straightforward criteria that we ask all of our applicants to meet in order to ensure we are able to get you the cash you need quickly. To be eligible for your 6 month short term loan you will need to:

  • Be over the age of 18
  • Be a resident of the UK
  • Have an active bank account and card linked to the your account
  • Be in permanent employment or be receiving either a pension or disability/living allowance


Does Loan Pig Check My Credit Rating When I Apply For A 6 Month Payday Loan?

At LoanPig, we believe that a person is so much more than their credit rating which is why we work hard to match as many people as we can with a 6 month payday loan solution that best suits them. While your credit score gives us a rough measure of your previous ability when handing debt, we champion the idea that your past should not influence your future lending experiences. We take into account a number of factors to ensure we get a clear picture of whether you will be likely to make your repayments and then get your cash to you as quickly as possible after that.

What Happens If I Am Late Making A Repayment On My 6 Month Loan?

We always advise all of our customers to double check that they are able to meet their 6 month loans’ repayment amount before signing up to a 6 month loan. Making sure that you keep up to date with your repayments is imperative for not falling into financial difficulty, however if this is the case, you could find yourself incurring additional charges. For example, a missed payment could result in a £15 missed payment fee and could see you being charged an additional 0.8% per day.


How Does LoanPig Find The Ideal 6 Month Payday Loan For Me?

LoanPig utilises a unique and innovative form of technology that allows all of our successful applicants to be matched with the best possible 6 month payday loan solution for them. We have the backing of one of the largest panels of 6 month payday loans lenders on hand ready to be matched with you, even if we cannot supply you with a loan ourselves!!

What Can A 6 Month Payday Loan Be Used For?

One of the best things about 6 month short term loans from LoanPig is that the money you receive can be used for a wide range of causes and expense types. Once we have approved your application and matched you with a lender, the money is free for you to spend as you wish. Some people find 6 month loans useful for managing bill payments that are overdue, as part of a debt consolidation process or as a way to avoid having to fall into debt and having to make costly bank overdraft charges, for example.


What Are The Benefits Of A 6 Month Payday Loan?

When it comes to 6 month short term loans, you can rest assured that you will always be in good hands with LoanPig. Our team of dedicated and knowledgeable employees are on hand to streamline the entire application process so that you are better informed about the entire process and are guaranteed a decision is made quickly and with minimal fuss. Here at LoanPig, we offer some of the highest acceptance rates when it comes to 6 month payday loans which makes us a fantastic choice for those looking to get hold of some cash, quickly, whether you’re looking to borrow a £150 loan or a £750 loan!

When Will I Receive A Decision On My 6 Month Loan Application?

Once you have completed your 6 month short term loans application with us, we will then work hard to match you with a reputable lender. You should receive a decision about your application in a matter of minutes.

If you are looking for a lump sum of money that you can pay back over the course of 6 months, then why not let LoanPig do all the hard work for you by matching you with the perfect 6 month cash loans lender?