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Simple fact. Bad credit score= stress, frustration, more money needed to buy things like houses and cars (if you can buy them at all)

And because 90% of the things that you read and hear about credit scores are completely false that really needs to change. Most people think that they understand credit scores when in truth, less than 10% of these people have any idea what they’re talking about. That’s not actually a scientific fact, but based on our experience it is close. So, with this ultimate guide to credit scores, we are going to turn you into part of that well-educated minority.

The LoanPig  Ultimate Guide to Your Credit Score Covers All This..and More

  • Why Should You Care About Your Credit Score?
  • What is a Credit Report?
  • What is a Credit Score?
  • How Your Credit Score is Calculated
  • What is a Good Credit Score?
  • How Do You Check Your Credit Score?
  • How to Build and Maintain a Good Credit Score
  • Common Credit Score Myths
  • Tips for Fixing Bad Credit Scores

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