When the unexpected occurs, an instant loan can be just what you need to provide financial relief and help you get back on track. At LoanPig, you can choose the exact amount and repayment term you need and get an instant decision from one of our instant loans UK lenders.

You’ll find instant cash loans at great rates up to £1500 at flexible terms to suit your income and affordability. Just use the sliders above and click apply now to fill in our short application form. We’ll then do the hard work and find affordable instant loans that meet your needs so you can quickly resolve your situation.


What Are Instant Cash Loans?


Instant loans provide a way for applicants to receive financial support quickly with a fast online application. They’re quick to apply for, quick to be approved, and quick to access meaning you can resolve your unexpected financial emergency as soon as possible. We are both a direct lender and broker of instant cash loans at LoanPig, so if we can provide the loan ourselves, we can connect you with other instant loans UK lenders who are best placed to do so. The great thing about getting instant loans from us is that we can provide you with a level of flexibility that’s hard to find anywhere else. Thanks to our focus on your affordability, we can help you choose repayments that fit in with your salary date and are affordable to maintain up to a maximum of 12 months.

In the same way that a payday loan will provide a cash injection before your next payment date, instant cash loans can pay out quickly to your bank account and help you resolve a short term financial position. If you experience an unexpected repair bill such as a car breakdown or a home emergency from a boiler failure, you can rely on an instant loan online to quickly assess your application and, if approved, provide the cash you need on the same day where possible.


Get a Flexible Instant Loan Online


Instant cash loans are very simple to apply for and we’ll help you see all of the information you need upfront, so the process is as transparent as possible. When you apply through LoanPig, we use a panel of some of the UK’s best lenders for instant loans online to find you an affordable loan agreement with the best possible rates. After we have found the ideal instant loans UK lender for your needs, you can finalise your application on their website and receive your funds ASAP. For repayments, we give you the flexibility to choose how you want to pay back, choosing between 2 months to 12 months or repayments. We also recommend choosing the shortest overall repayment term, as this way you can save on the interest charge and repay quicker. We do not encourage customers to apply for the maximum term available in the same way you should only apply for the maximum amount you need.

Here at LoanPig, each of the lenders on our panel are Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) approved and regulated lenders. This means they work to responsible lending guidelines and will give as much information as possible upfront about how much you can expect to be paying back.


Trusted Instant Loans UK Lenders


Our instant decision loans are flexible and affordable and ensure you’re treated fairly as a customer. As we are FCA authorised brokers and direct lenders, we are in a fortunate position to be able to offer loans ourselves as well as through our lender partners. It is important to choose to borrow from trusted lenders that work closely with the FCA, as this will ensure you are responsibly lent to and are avoiding lenders out there that do not have your best interests in mind. We regard customer safety and security when borrowing online as a high priority and provide a secure way to apply for an instant loan when you need it.

There is no need to worry about having a less than perfect credit score either. We do not judge you solely on your credit score, so with our bad credit loans, you will be assessed primarily on your affordability to repay the loan. Our application process is secure, fast, and simple with all paperwork done electronically to provide you with an instant loan. When you apply through LoanPig, you can expect it to be quick and hassle-free and our loan calculator makes applying easier and faster than ever.


Eligibility For an Instant Loan


To be eligible to apply today for an instant loan online, you will need to meet our eligibility requirements first. You must:


– be a current UK resident

– be at least 18-years-old

– have an active bank account and valid debit card

– either be in permanent employment or receiving some form of disability/living allowance or a pension


If you meet the above, you can click apply now and start your application for instant cash loans. Our criteria are kept simple so we can help as many people as we can apply for instant decision loans when they need them. As there is no minimum credit score to apply, you can focus on your current finances, so if we can determine you do have the affordability, there is every chance you will be successful. Whilst the above criteria are a minimum, it doesn’t guarantee you will be approved for an instant loan. All applicants are subject to a full credit check and assessment of their finances according to responsible lending guidelines.


Apply For Instant Decision Loans Today


Our application process is fully online, so you can apply from anywhere on any device. There’s no need to take time out to find an instant loan when you need the funds quickly. Tell us how much you would like to borrow and how long for and we’ll do the rest. Once you’ve entered your preferred amount and terms and clicked apply now, you will be taken to our simple instant loan online application. Here, you can enter your personal information and bank details and we’ll then come back to you instantly with a decision in principle. If we can lend to you ourselves, you’ll then complete and sign your digital paperwork. If we can’t, we’ll show you other direct lenders who can, so you can then complete your application on their website.

Any questions about instant cash loans? Please get in touch and the team here at LoanPig will be able to answer your queries. If you are ready to start your application and get an instant decision, click apply now.


How Much Would You Like?

Representative example: Borrow £300 over 3 months @ 292% pa (fixed) Total repayment: £457.95 in 3 monthly payments of £152.65. Representative 1261% APR.


Instant Loan FAQs


Do Instant Cash Loans Pay Out The Same Day?

We always strive to provide successful applicants with the funds they need on the same day. This will depend on the time of day you do apply for an instant loan online, however, so it is best to apply as soon as possible in the day to avoid disappointment. Any applications processed Monday to Friday before 3 PM can expect to receive their instant loan amount credited to their bank account the same day where possible. Any applications submitted after 3 PM or on weekends and bank holidays can expect the loan to pay out the following working day. When applying through our partner lenders, you will need to check the terms and conditions regarding same day pay out first to ensure you are happy with the loan offer.


Do You Connect Me With Trusted Instant Loans UK Lenders?

Yes, we only work alongside trusted, FCA approved instant loans UK lenders, so you can apply with confidence through us. We are not just a direct lender but also an FCA authorised broker, ensuring all lenders that we connect you with follow responsible lending guidelines. Our FCA registration number is 736632, and you can find the panel of lenders we work with on the FCA register too. To ensure your safety online, you should only use authorised lenders.


Is a Credit Check Required for an Instant Loan Online?

Yes, all applicants must undergo a credit check as part of their application for instant decision loans. This is a requirement for all FCA approved direct lenders and ensures you are being responsibly lent to. The credit check is one part of our approval process, so if you are someone with poor credit and are concerned with being declined, we take the time to assess your affordability first before making a decision. We understand not all applicants will have a perfect credit rating, so we are happy to assess an application fully and check that you can afford the loan.


What’s the Maximum Instant Loans UK Amount I Can Borrow?

At LoanPig, we can help you find an instant loan online up to £1500 with repayments up to a maximum of 12 months. Whilst these are the maximum limits of an instant loan we can provide, this doesn’t guarantee you will be approved for them. Only after careful consideration of your finances, we will be able to provide a lending decision. Whilst you can apply for up to £1500, we do not encourage customers to apply for the maximum amount available. You should only borrow what you need to resolve your issue quickly.