Applying online is quick and convenient and you can do so at any time of day or night at LoanPig. Our online loans can be applied for in minutes and, if approved, can give you a cash injection on the same day. Whether you end a short term loan to cover an essential bill, or you need to cover an emergency that can’t wait until your next payday, we’re here to offer a quick option from the best online loans available.

To see online loans direct lenders willing to help you today, just choose how much you want to borrow and how long for using the sliders above and click apply now. With online loans in the UK available up to £1500 and flexible repayment terms between 2 and 12 months, you’ll find the right solution today through us.


What are Online Loans?


Online loans refer to borrowing a short term loan completely online. When applying for online loans in the UK, you should expect to follow the same process as you would with any other type of loan. The main difference being you can apply and sign the paperwork electronically online, meaning no waiting for paperwork to be sent to you in the post. With online loans direct lenders, you normally complete the process on their website. This includes the application form and the signing of the documents. At LoanPig, as we are both a direct lender and broker, we can lend you the money ourselves if approved, but if not, we can connect you with Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) approved lenders who can. We’ll show you the lender offers for the best online loans available for you, then all you have to do is complete your application on the lender’s website.

You will be frequently asked for bank and repayment details and for that reason it’s essential to check the security of the website that you’re using. You can do so by checking for the padlock icon next to the website name in the search bar of your browser. Online loans are often offered by smaller, more specialised lenders rather than traditional banks, meaning they have more flexibility they can offer you for the loan you want. This also means they can pay out quickly, so if you are approved for online loans, you could receive the cash the same day.


Choose Trusted Online Loans Direct Lenders


Online loans can be a great option for anyone that has faced a financial emergency, providing a fast way to access the funds you need. When the unexpected occurs and you don’t have the savings or credit to cover it, finding cheap loans online to help can be crucial. If you’re in a situation needing extra cash to help until your next payday, online loans can provide you with what you need as long as you use trusted lenders. As an FCA approved broker and direct lender, at LoanPig we always ensure we work to responsible lending guidelines, as well as the lenders we can connect you to. The online loans direct lenders we work with are all FCA approved and treat customers fairly, even with bad credit.

With one fast online form, whether you have good or bad credit, you could be one step closer to resolving any unexpected bills. Like payday loans, they can be approved quickly and pay out the same day where this is possible. With many online lenders available, it can be difficult knowing which to choose, so that’s why at LoanPig we have made it simple and easy to find exactly what you need and only present you with trusted online loans direct lenders.


Eligibility for the Best Online Loans


When you apply for online loans in the UK through LoanPig, there is no need to wait for paperwork to be posted or any phone calls. After you have filled in your online loans application form and advised how much and how long you want to borrow for, we’ll work quickly to show you your options. We’ll share your application details with our panel of direct lenders who will check your information to see if you are eligible. You will need to meet our minimum eligibility criteria to apply today, which is:


– Aged 18 years old or over

– A current UK resident

– Have an active bank account with a valid debit card

– Be in permanent employment or receiving some form of disability/living allowance or a pension


If any of our online loans direct lenders approve your application, we will provide you with their details, taking you directly to their website. All you then have to do is read over the terms of your loan and finalise your application by filling in a few personal details. Please note, by meeting the above criteria, this does not guarantee you will be successful with your application. A decision will be subject to a full credit check and review of your financial history. This is to determine your ability to pay the repayments you want and ensure we are working to responsible lending guidelines.


How to Apply for Online Loans in the UK


Online loans in the UK aren’t suitable for every situation and it’s important to know the details of the loan you want before applying. With LoanPig, you don’t have to finalise any loan until you are sure. The team are available if you have any queries before starting your application and during it if you need any advice. After you have chosen the loan amount and terms you need and filled out our application form, you’ll receive a quick decision in principle. If approved, you’ll then have a choice of the best online loans available to match your circumstances. If we can lend you the money ourselves, we will. However, if we can’t this time, you’ll have a selection of other great lenders offering cheap loans online to match your affordability.

Whilst we are known for supplying quick loans to our customers, the lenders on our panel may have different response times. We cannot always say how long it will take for you to receive your funds. If you submit your loans application early in the day, Monday to Friday before 3 pm, there is every chance you could receive your funds the same day. We aim to get your online loan to you within 24 hours so that you are guaranteed a fast payment if your application is approved.


Apply Now for Online Loans at LoanPig


When you apply for online loans in the UK with LoanPig, there are a lot of great benefits that you won’t find anywhere else. We have a high acceptance rate and many more options for online loans than most other direct lenders or brokers. You have the option to repay your loan in simple monthly instalments that are flexible to fit in with your salary date.

Have any questions about our online loans? Please get in touch with the team and we’ll help you with any queries you may have. If you are ready to start your application today, click apply now.


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Online Loans FAQs


Do LoanPig Offer Cheap Loans Online?


Our online loans are provided by FCA approved direct lenders, ensuring that the rates you pay are affordable for your situation. What cheap loans online will cost will depend on how much you wish to borrow, with the higher the amount and terms you choose determining how much you will payback. We are proud to offer transparent terms, as do the online loans direct lenders we can connect you with. You won’t be charged more than 0.8% interest per day and you will never pay back more than double the amount you borrowed. We recommend all customers fully review the terms offered before proceeding with an online loan to ensure you are happy with the repayments and interest charged.


How Do Repayments Work with Online Loans Direct Lenders?


Your repayments for online loans in the UK will be taken automatically through a Continuous Payment Authority (CPA). This means all you need to do is ensure enough available funds are in your bank account before the scheduled repayment date. This will be determined in your credit agreement and many of the lenders will also send a reminder before this is due. You don’t have to do anything else as this will be set up for you once your application is approved. Please be aware, any missed or late repayments are subject to a late payment fee. If you feel you will miss a repayment, please contact the lender as early as possible.


Do I Need a Credit Check for Online Loans in the UK?


Yes, as responsible lenders all applicants are required to have a credit check as part of the application process. This is to ensure we can determine if you can afford the loan and to review your financial history. If you are concerned you have a low credit rating, the good news is we may still be able to help you with online loans in the UK. There is no minimum required credit score to apply, instead we focus on your ability to pay the repayment terms you have requested. If we can see further borrowing will not cause you to have further financial difficulties, you could still be approved.