Why Should You Source A Payday UK Loan Alternative?

Payday loan agreements are becoming increasingly common – including ones from Payday UK. Payday loans themselves have become a helpful way of sourcing cash quickly, especially in times of financial emergency. However, it is important to do your research before getting yourself a UK payday loan.

Sourcing Yourself The Best UK Payday Loan

There are a lot of Payday UK loan alternatives on the market today, so you need to make sure you are getting the best deal possible. Here at LoanPig, as a direct lender and as a broker with exceptional access to a wide range of different UK based lenders, we are certain that we can find the right UK payday loan for you, and that includes sourcing the perfect Payday UK loan alternative. To learn a bit more about us and about the work that we do you can check out our about us page.

Many people are just not aware that there are many Payday UK alternative loans available to them. Apply online at LoanPig today to get an insight into your choices, as you might just be able to find your perfect lender.

Are LoanPig A Broker, A Lender And A Provider Of UK Payday Loans?

LoanPig are one of the few companies that are classified as a broker, a direct lender and a provider of UK payday loans. Brokers find and arrange short term loans for clients from a varied range of UK lenders. Direct lenders, on the other hand, lend directly to their customers.

Are Payday UK Direct Lenders And Brokers?

Other payday loan lenders – such as Payday UK – are solely direct lenders. They can approve your application and arrange for your short term loan to be transferred to you, handling the process “in-house”. However, this means that they don’t shop around or search the market for the best rates and deals.

Do LoanPig Provide Flexible Options?

Here at LoanPig we proudly provide a wide range of different flexible options to all of our customers. We make sure that we find you the perfect loan that fits your needs and requirements to the letter. This is one of the main reasons that customers rely on us to find them a competitive UK payday loan.

Do You Need To Complete An Application Form For A UK Payday Loan?

All payday loan and short term loan applications require you to complete an application form, which is almost always completed online. This makes the entire application process both quicker and simpler. This also minimises the back-and-forth between you and your loan provider. At LoanPig our entire loan application process is handled online.

This minimises the stress involved in your payday loan application. Applying for your alternative to a Payday UK loan online also means that you can manage your application in total privacy. You can complete your loan application from the comfort of your own home.

How Quickly Will My UK Payday Loan Be Approved?

At LoanPig – just like Payday UK – we make sure that your application is considered straight away, which is important when you need cash urgently. If your application is approved then the funds will be transferred to your bank account as soon as we can. This means you could complete our online application form (before 3 pm) and have your money in your account the very same day.

Will I Be Approved For A UK Payday Loan?

LoanPig not only provide a quick response to loan applications but we also regularly say “yes”! so long as you pass our eligibility checks and fulfil our loan criteria, then you have a good chance of securing the cash you need, when you need it.

Is Repaying My UK Payday Loan Easy?

Payday UK loan alternatives as well as UK payday loans are available through LoanPig and make sure to set out clear and reasonable repayment terms. This generally involves setting up a direct debit which will take predetermined sums from your account each month, until your loan and the interest is paid off in full. We will make sure that you know when these payments are due to come out of your bank account.

Do LoanPig Offer A Better APR Than Payday UK?

APR means Annual Percentage Rate – the interest charged on the amount you are borrowing. The higher the APR on a payday loan, the more you will be paying in interest each month. It is crucial to shop around to find the best APR rate. This will help you in choosing the lender that suits you and your circumstances best. Our APR is 1261%.

Am I Eligible For A UK Payday Loan From LoanPig?

Our criteria are as follows:

  • Be aged over 18
  • Be permanently employed
  • Have a valid debit card and a valid bank account
  • Have a valid and working email address and mobile phone number

 How Can I Use My UK Payday Loan?

We do not place any restrictions upon how you use your UK payday loan, though we do recommend that money provided via a short term loan should only be used in a financial emergency. Popular reasons for applying for a Payday UK loan alternative through LoanPig include:

– Paying off all of your debts from different sources, so that you consolidate your credit and have only one loan to repay
– Settling unexpected medical or vets bills, or sudden large unexpected expenses, for example, if your boiler breaks down, or if your washing machine floods your house and you need to repair fixtures and fittings, as well as replacing your washing machine
– Putting a deposit on a car, or replacing or fixing your car should it break down suddenly – especially if your car is essential for your work.

Can You Solve Financial Issues With LoanPig?

Short term loans from LoanPig could help you to manage your money and solve a financial problem, or a series of financial problems. The way we are set up means that you can get your emergency cash quickly, to keep you in the black until payday.

For more details on the payday loan process, you can learn more here.  If you would like to get in touch with us, then you can visit our contact us page.  Or for information quickly, visit our frequently asked questions page.