Looking for a Pounds to Pocket alternative?

If you have run into some unexpected expenses and need some cash to tide you over until payday, you might be looking at a loan to give your bank account a bit of a boost, but there are a lot of loan providers out there for you to choose from. If you’re uncertain and looking for a great Pounds To Pocket loan alternative, why not consider LoanPig. We’re here to help you find the loan provider you’re looking for by giving you all of the information you need right here.


What’s the Difference Between Pounds To Pocket Loans and LoanPig Loans?

One of the most notable differences between Pounds to Pocket and LoanPig is that Pounds To Pocket are a direct lender while LoanPig are a direct lender first and a broker. This means that the way that Pounds To Pocket payday loans work is a little bit different to the way LoanPig loans work as you get the best of both worlds

When you apply for a Pounds To Pocket loan, you will be getting your loan directly from them. However, when you apply for payday loans from LoanPig, you will be getting the loan either from loanpig themselves, or one of it’s lender partners. This is because, rather than just providing you with your loan directly, it’s our job to look at your loan application and hunt down for you a reliable UK lender, with great rates who will provide you with the loan you’re looking for. By working this way, we are able to give you more options and offer you more flexible loans than Pounds To Pocket loans, making sure that you are getting the loan you want and not one that will leave you in a worse off financial position.


The Application Process

The application process for LoanPig loans as well as Pounds To Pockets loans is simple, fast and all online. All you have to do is fill in one short online form and you’re on your way to a loan. However, what makes LoanPig different from Pounds To Pocket is that we include a handy loan calculator as part of our application process, so you can get a clear idea of how much your loan will cost to pay back and how your loan’s APR can have an effect on your initial loan amount.


Annual Percentage Rate

Flexibility is one of the reasons why LoanPig makes such a good Pounds To Pocket payday loan alternative, especially when it comes to APR. Because Pounds To Pocket are a direct lender, their APR is the same for all of their customers, although the length of time to borrow your loan for does have an effect on your monthly interest rate. However because we have one of the largest panels of top lenders in the UK, your APR will differ depending on the lender that approves your application and we’ll find one with the best possible rates to put you in touch with.


How Much Can I Borrow?

With Pounds To Pocket payday loans, the minimum that you can borrow is £200 while the maximum is £2000. With LoanPig, however, we want to offer you as much choice as possible when it comes to deciding on your loan. Our policy is to allow you to choose how much you would like to borrow and we will try to find a lender that can supply it. The same principle also applies for the length of time you can borrow your loan.  Whereas Pounds To Pocket will offer you the opportunity to pay off your loan for between 6 to 12 months, you can keep a LoanPig Pound To Pocket payday loan alternative for any length of time between 1 months and 12 months.

FCA Regulated

The FCA are the Financial Conduct Authority and it is their job to ensure that all UK payday lenders and brokers are taking care of their customers and offering them the right kind of loan and contract. Thanks to them, your loan will never be more than double the amount you applied for and your interest will never go above a certain amount. These regulations are all in place to keep borrowers safe and thankfully, both Pounds To Pocket and LoanPig are regulated by the FCA and comply with all of their rules. That means that no matter which payday loan provider you choose, you won’t be stuck with a loan you can’t pay back.


Repayment Methods

As a direct loan lender and a short term loan broker, any loans that you get through LoanPig won’t have the same repayment plans. This is because the different lenders on our panel all have different repayment methods and plans, so you can find one that suits you when you would like. With Pounds To Pocket, however, the repayment is the same for every loan they hand out. Pounds to Pocket have an automatic payment plan, which means that every month after you have taken out your loan, an automatic transfer will be performed by Pounds To Pocket to transfer your repayment amount to them. Not many people agree with this method, which is why using LoanPig as a Pounds To Pocket loan alternative is a great way to get the loan that you want.


Am I More Likely To Be Approved For A Pounds To Pocket Payday Loan?

The great thing about using LoanPig as a Pounds To Pocket loan alternative is that we have a high success rate and having a panel of lenders at our disposal means that you have a better chance of finding at least one lender that would like to supply you with the loan you want. We try to offer flexible loans that suit you and keep necessary loans available to the people who need them, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and find out for yourself how easy applying for short term loans can be.


Acceptance Criteria

In order to be approved for LoanPig loans and Pounds To Pocket loans, there are certain criteria that you need to meet. Overall, the requirements to be approved for a Pounds To Pocket payday loan alternative are very similar and are set in place to ensure that only people who can afford to repay their loans are able to apply for them.

In order to be approved for a personal loan, both LoanPig and Pounds To Pocket ask that you:

– Are at least 18 years old
– Are a resident of the United Kingdom

– Have a valid bank account


There are some small differences between LoanPig’s and Pounds To Pocket’s criteria, however, such as employment details. Pounds To Pocket ask that you are either employed or self-employed in order to be approved for a loan, whereas LoanPig will accept you for a loan as long as you have some source of income, such as a government allowance.


Credit Checks And Affordability Checks

Here at LoanPig, even though our lenders do ensure that the information you have given us is correct and truthful. We welcome credit scores of all kinds, so you don’t have to worry about being rejected if your credit score is looking a little less than its best.

One thing we do do as a priority is an affordability check, if we feel that a loan from LoanPig could worsen your financial position, we will be responsible enough to not lend to you. Although some people may feel that this is unfair as they need the money, we have to be responsible lenders.

Pounds To Pocket perform credit and eligibility checks upon receiving your application to ensure that they are lending responsibly. While these checks are important to prevent fraud and improper lending practices, they can make getting a loan a lot more difficult, so it’s up to you to decide which route you want to take when applying for your short term loan.


Are LoanPig Loans A Good Pounds To Pocket Loan Alternative?

If you’re looking for a great Pounds To Pocket payday loans alternative then look no further than LoanPig. We offer fast and flexible personal cash loans for the people who need them. We can offer you a level of freedom that you won’t find anywhere else and we’re happy to let you take control of your loan. So, contact us today, and we’ll help you find a lender that’s right for you and a loan that is exactly what you are looking for.