What are Quick Money Loans

Quick Money Loans are similar to payday loans or short term loans in that you can borrow an amount of money over a short period of time quickly. Whether you are looking for £100 or £1500 over a short period of time and quick money loan can cover the cost for those unexpected bills.

Things you need Quick Money Loans for

You find yourself half way through the month of January, you have just had a Christmas and New year to remember and you are feeling good that all the bills are paid up until your next payday when disaster strikes.

Your boiler breaks down, you call out an engineer and the bill he quotes you is over £200, what can you do? a quick money loan is the answer.

Your car breaks down, you call out the AA but it needs towing to a garage, the next day you find yourself with a bill of £300 to get you back on the road, a quick money loan is the answer.

Quick Money Loans are convenient

The reason a quick money loan is useful is because you can have the money in your bank account within a couple of hours, long before the engineer has even fixed your boiler. This can take the stress out of any emergency like this, with a short term loan this disaster has been averted and you have spread the cost of the loan over 3 months so it doesn’t hit you so much on payday.

Other types of loans can take a lot longer than a payday loan or short term loan, so remember, when you need money fast for an emergency whether it is big or small. Apply for a quick money loan with Loanpig and don’t let any potential disaster ruin your day

Visit our FAQ page for answers to any questions you might have about LoanPig themselves or any part of borrowing quick money loans from a short term direct lender.