Alternative Short Term Loans

A short term loan is essentially a small and unsecured payment loan spread over a few months. An Alternative short term Loan is a payday loan (can also be referred to as an wageday loan, fast loans and emergency loans). This type of loan allows you the chance to borrow money to be repaid over the course of a single repayment. The great thing about Short term loan alternatives is that they are designed to be quick and easy. They  access and help in the event of an emergency to cover an emergency. LoanPig is one of the most reputable alternative short term loans lenders on the market. They are dedicated to ensuring no one has to worry about falling behind on any emergency payments.


What Is A Short Term Loan?

Sometimes, we find ourselves in need of some extra cash to tide us over until our next payday. While trying to save and manage our money is something we all aim for, occasionally emergencies can crop up and do leave us worrying about how we are going to cover the unexpected expense- this is where LoanPig comes in. We pride ourselves in providing a high quality alternative short term loans that will ensure you are not left in the red.

Are Short Term Loans Unsecured?

The beauty of short term loans is that they are unsecured in comparison to other loans which typically are. Unsecured loans are popular in the fact that they do not require you to place collateral on your loan, which means that should you miss a repayment or fall behind on payments, you will not be put in a position where you could lose your home or car.

How Do Short Term Loans Differ To Other Loan Types?

The biggest difference between short term loans alternatives and other loan types such as mortgages and bank loans is that they are relatively lower in value and offer a shorter repayment period. LoanPig offers some great alternative short term loans as they allow you to borrow up to £1500,  which you can pay back over a longer period of time. We are also very flexible in our short term loans and allow you to pick the duration you would prefer.

Can I Apply For A Short Term Loan Online?

Applying for short term loans could not be easier with LoanPig, as a direct lender we utilise advanced technology to match you to the perfect lender, whether that be ourselves or someone from our leading UK lenders panel. This means you can apply quickly and easily without the need to pick up the phone!

What Can I Use An Alternative Short Term Loan On?

Once you have secured one of our alternative short term loans, you can use your money for a number of different causes and purposes. Here are just some of the ways you could spend your cash advance payment:

  • Managing your utlities and bill payments
  • To help tide you over when dealing with an illness or redundancy
  • To avoid having to deal with costly overdraft charges

Alternative short term loans from LoanPig could transform your life and help you to not only manage your money better but also help to get you out of some tricky financial situations.

How Is LoanPig Different To Other Short Term Loan Lenders?

LoanPig is dedicated to helping our customers find the best possible short term loan alternative and strives to stand out amongst other short term loans lenders in its transparent trading and reputable service. We are considered to be one of the best short term loans lenders out there as we welcome those with all credit backgrounds and offer very high acceptance rates as we understand how frustrating it is to be turned away from other sources. We’re also a broker unlike other alternative lenders like Peachy.

How Does An Alternative Short Term Loan Work?

Every short term loans lender operates in a slightly different way, but here at LoanPig you can rest assured that the application process is straightforward and can be completed in a matter of minutes. Once you fill out all the necessary information about yourself, such as your personal details, income, expenses and bank details, we conduct a background check and reach an instant decision about whether you are applicable to receive the money you need. Following this decision, we then go on to match you with a loan direct from ourselves or one of our leading UK lenders, you could then see the money you need sitting in your bank account the very same day!

Are Alternative Short Term Loan Lenders Regulated?

Whilst in the past short term and payday loans companies have received a bad reputation as a result of being unregulated, today that is no longer an issue. The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) have in recent years put in place some strict guidelines and laws in place. This means that those looking to apply for payday loans are now able to do so without getting themselves into financial trouble. LoanPig offers alternative short term loans that are safe and do not put any applicants in danger of falling into dangerous debts.

What Is The Short Term Loan Application Process Like?

Here at LoanPig we believe that applying for a short term loan alternative should be straightforward and simple. Our passion is making sure that those in need are always able to receive short term loan help from us here, so we ask that you reach the following requirements in our criteria for us to help you to transform your financial situation:

  • Be a UK resident
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have an active bank account and bank card
  • Be in a state of permanent employment or receiving a pensions or form of living or disability allowance

Once we have evidence of the information mentioned above, we will see that you are well on your way to receiving your desired cash amount!

How Do I Apply For A Short Term Loan With LoanPig?

Applying for alternative short term loans with LoanPig couldn’t be easier. Firstly use our online calculator to select your desired loan amount. Follow this with the number of months you would prefer to pay the loan off in. Then we will show you your estimated loan repayment amount. Once you are satisfied with this, you can then continue on to complete the full application with some basic details before we sent it off to match you with a reputable lender. Upon being accepted you will simply have to complete the process and sign some remaining documents before receiving your cash.

How Secure Is A LoanPig Short Term Loan Alternative?

The great thing about applying for alternatives to short term loans with LoanPig is that we ensure that all of your details are secure. There is no chance of your information being stolen or put in the wrong hands. Our encrypted site also ensures that the information we transfer to our panel of lenders is safe to.

If you are looking for a short term loan alternative then why not head over to our application page? Our straightforward application process could see you with some extra cash in the bank in no time! Alternatively feel free to contact us here.