What are No Guarantor Loans?

Firstly, before we go into what no guarantor loans are, let us explain what a guarantor loan is, a guarantor can be a relative, friend or co-worker who guarantees the lender that the loan will be paid.

A guarantor will sign a contract, along with yourself, that states that if you (the borrower), is unable to pay back the loan, the guarantor will make the payments.

A no guarantor loan with LoanPig can be a payday or short term loan where you are solely responsible for you repaying the loan.

You are not required to find a suitable guarantor as part of the application process, when you apply for a loan, we take your financial situation into account, you just need to select the loan amount you require, agree the monthly repayment and LoanPig or one of its lending partners with give you an instant decision (terms & conditions apply).

Loanpig offers no guarantor payday loans, cash loans, bad credit loans and short term loans.

We take responsible lending seriously, so when you are looking for a loan with no guarantor, we will conduct a number of affordability checks including looking at your credit score, to ensure that that amount you have chosen over a period of 3 to 12 months is right for you and that the total repayment amount suits your needs.

Are LoanPig A Responsible Lender?

Something that we at LoanPig are very proud of is our reputation for being a responsible lender of loans. We work closely with the FCA (the Financial Conduct Authority) which means that we look after our customers to keep our loans as fair and secure as possible.

With LoanPig, you can rest assured that we only offer money to those who we feel will be able to pay it back, keeping your interests as safe as possible at all times.

LoanPig, is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (registration number : 736632).

What Can I Expect from LoanPig?

Here at LoanPig we offer our customers the opportunity to borrow anywhere between £100 and £1500 when looking for no guarantor loans.

If we cannot lend to you ourselves, we’ll introduce you to our panel of financial service brokers.

If we or one of our lenders accepts your loan, you can expect it to be paid into your bank account the same day (on most occasions)

LoanPig has a representative APR rate of approx. 1261%. (292% pa fixed) The interest Rate can differ depending on the total repayment and the company you choose to take out a short term loan with.

Apply for a No Guarantor Loan with LoanPig

Don’t be put off applying for a loan for just because you don’t have a guarantor. LoanPig accepts all types of credit history applicants, whether you have good or bad credit. Our no guarantor loans allow you to apply for the loan you need, today.

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to Money Advice Service