Why Choose Us As A Satsuma Loan Alternative?

Satsuma loans are no longer offering loans to new or existing customers and have ceased trading

If you are currently on the lookout for a Satsuma loan alternative… Then you have without a doubt come to the right place. We provide Satsuma loans at competitive rates with industry-leading practices in place so you can secure yourself a short-term loan with confidence. Apply online now to see if you are eligible for a loan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Satsuma Loans?

Satsuma Loans are a direct short term lender, just like we at LoanPig. They are owned by a company called Provident Personal Credit LTD, who are a part of the Provident Financial Group.

Can I get a loan like Satsuma Loans?

Yes, certainly. At LoanPig, we offer a range of alternative to Satsuma Loans. From bad credit loans to instalment loans, you are able to find a loan that suits your financial situation.

How much can I borrow from LoanPig?

Borrowing from LoanPig is simple and easy. Using our loan calculator, you can choose any amount between £100 up to £1,500. With repayment terms from 3-12 months.

Who Exactly Are Satsuma Loans?

Satsuma Loans are a short-term loan lender, just like we are. Satsuma Loans are owned by a company called Provident Personal Credit Ltd, who themselves are a part of the Provident Financial Group.

If you are looking for an alternative to Satsuma Loans you should choose LoanPig. We recommend that you learn a bit more about us and about our loan application process which we have made as simple and as easy as we possibly can.

Borrowing With Satsuma Loans

Satsuma loans offer loan amounts that start at £100 and have a maximum borrowing limit of £1000. Whereas here at LoanPig we offer loan amounts that start at £100 and rise all the way up to £1500. By offering loans with a wider range, we cater to more customers individual needs and circumstances.

Satsuma representative example: £480 loan repayable over 9 months. 9 monthly repayments of £106.56. Rate of interest 133.1% p.a. fixed. Representative 535% APR. Total amount payable is £959.04.

LoanPig representative example: £300 repayable over 3 months @ 292% pa (fixed) Total repayment: £457.95 in 3 monthly payments of £152.65. Representative 1261% APR.

What Are The Loan Repayment Periods At Satsuma Loans?

At Satsuma loans, you can choose to repay your loan over 3 months, to 12 months, or a desired period in-between.


How Much Would You Like?

Representative example: Borrow £300 over 3 months @ 292% pa (fixed) Total repayment: £457.95 in 3 monthly payments of £152.65. Representative 1261% APR.

Why Choose Us?

We recommend that you research your desired loan provider as much as you can before you enter into a short-term loan. Through this research, you may find a much better alternative to Satsuma. We want you to make the right decision for you and for your situation. One of the most important things to look at in searching for your perfect provider is flexibility. You want loan repayment terms and amounts to be customisable and changeable so that you aren’t forced into a loan agreement that isn’t right for you.

Flexible Loans

Here a LoanPig, we go above and beyond to make sure that our loan options are as flexible as they can be. This is because we can offer all of our potential customers the option to repay their loan over a period of three month, 12 months, or somewhere in-between. We also provide small amounts starting at as little as £100, for the small emergencies. With our maximum loan amount standing at £1500, for more serious financial emergencies where you need a large injection of cash quickly.

FCA Authorisation

It is very important that you choose a lender or a broker who is fully FCA authorised. We here at LoanPig are very proud to be fully FCA authorised so you can use us and our services with complete confidence. Finally, we facilitate access to one of the largest and most experienced lending panels available in the UK.  We are almost certain that we can provide a loan for any customers, no matter their situation or circumstances. Learn more about us so that you can make an informed decision.


The choice is now yours. Hopefully, you have researched your options, browsed our site and made an educated decision regarding your short-term loan. We strongly believe that we here at LoanPig are able to offer our customers an excellent and viable short term loan alternative to Satsuma loans.

We are a direct lender and a broker who provide loan amounts quickly and securely. At LoanPig, we have made every effort to simplify our loan application process. Once your application has been approved you could have your loan in your bank account within the hour.

If you have any further questions, or if you would like to talk to us about a short term loan or about Satsuma, then please get in contact with our team today! Alternatively, you can have a read of our FAQs section.


Note: LoanPig or any of its subsidiaries are in no way connected to Satsuma or any of its subsidiaries. The article above represents a factual comparison to a Satsuma loan.