Need a Sunny Loan Alternative? Then Stress Not

If you have ever been put in a financial situation where you know you won’t be able to make all of your payments (bills, utilities etc.) and are feeling under pressure to make ends meet, then you will appreciate how important it is to pick the perfect payday loan for you. Knowing where and who to turn to in the event of a financial emergency is always tricky as people tend to be wary of payday loan lenders.

While some of the larger lenders are popular, that is not to say that they are always able to offer you the bespoke service that you require. Here at LoanPig, we are able to offer you an incredible Sunny Loan alternative which should suit all your requirements.

How Does LoanPig Compare As A Sunny Loan Alternative?

Something that we always recommend those looking to find their ideal flexible loan is to weigh up their options and pick a loan solution that suits them best. Just as no two people are the same, the same can be said for the needs and circumstances that make someone look for a quick loan.

Sunny offer loan amounts between £100 and £2500 and also allow you to manage your repayments to pay a loan off quicker, should you wish to do so.

LoanPig offers you loan amounts of between £50 and £1500 and also allows you to pay of your loan quicker.

The repayment periods are quite different though, Sunny only offers a repayment period of 6 – 14 months depending on how much you borrow whereas LoanPig offers you a straight forward 1 – 12 month repayment period regardless of your loan amount.

LoanPig and Sunny both offer a fast and easy loan application.

Is LoanPig A Direct Loan Lender Like Sunny Loans?

An important thing to note when considering taking out a loan with a Sunny loan alternative like us, is that LoanPig are not only a short term loan direct lender, but also a broker. Sunny are a direct lender. Unlike Sunny loans, we are able to match our applicants with some of the very best lenders in the UK based on their specific needs which gives you a great deal of flexibility.

With us, you can choose how much you want to borrow from us and over what period of time. With our loan calculator you are easily able to see exactly how much you will be looking to pay back based on your requirements, which you cannot do with a Sunny loan.

What Differentiates LoanPig From A Sunny Loan?

When you are looking to decide whether to go with Sunny loans or a loan with LoanPig, it is important to weigh up your options in terms of what each can offer you in terms of benefits. Perhaps the greatest thing to be aware of when it comes to what differentiates LoanPig from Sunny payday loans is the fact that when you borrow from us, you are doing so from a broker and a direct payday lender.

We also offer you the opportunity to borrow smaller loan amounts and pay them back over shorter periods of time, which means that you won’t be tied down to paying for a loan over an extended period of time if you do not need to do so.

Does LoanPig Offer Responsible Lending?

LoanPig are approved by the FCA (the Financial Conduct Authority) which makes us a highly trusted short term loan lender. We offer a transparent service that allows you to see exactly where you stand at every step of the application and repayment process.

We ensure that we are able to balance lending to those who match up to a strict eligibility criteria alongside offering some of the very best acceptance rates on the market.

Why Choose LoanPig As A Sunny Loan Alternative?

When it comes to making the decision between a Sunny loan and a LoanPig loan we believe that it is important to match your needs and requirements. While Sunny is only able to match you with a loan amount and predetermined repayment plan of between 6 and 14 months, LoanPig are able to offer you greater flexibility.

When it comes to going with a personal loans company that understands you and your needs, LoanPig is an exceptional Sunny loan alternative.

How Much Can You Borrow With LoanPig?

At LoanPig you can borrow anywhere between £50 and £1500, which makes for a manageable repayment process. With Sunny payday loans you can borrow anywhere between £100 and £2500.

While Sunny offer a greater borrowing amount, they also do not allow you to change your loan term, which means you will have to pay back your loan at a rate that is predetermined by Sunny.

Here at LoanPig we understand that our customers prefer the opportunity to choose the loan term time they will have to pay their desired loan amount back in. The flexibility that we at LoanPig offer our customers is what makes us such a popular Sunny loan alternative.

How Easy Is It To Apply For A Payday Loan With LoanPig?

Applying for a short term loan or a payday loan with LoanPig couldn’t be easier. Something that we take pride in here at LoanPig is being able to streamline and simplify the application process by only requiring you to fill out the most straightforward questions. Our entire loan process is carried out online which is exactly what you want from a lender when searching for a loan.

Why Would You Need To Consider A Sunny Payday Loan Alternative?

As a prominent Sunny payday loan alternative, LoanPig can offer you a fantastic range of short term loan deals that will ensure you are able to find the very best deal for you, based on your desired loan amount and desired payback duration period. As a broker and direct lender, LoanPig is a good Sunny payday loans alternative as we work hard to match you with our impressive panel of trusted lenders. This differs to applying for Sunny loans as you will only be offered the chance to obtain a loan with themselves as they are a direct lender.

If you want to know more about our services and how we make an impressive Sunny loan alternative choice, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our transparent trading technique means that we put our customers at the heart of everything we do and will always go above and beyond to find you the best deal when it comes to your fixing you up with a fast loan.