Looking For A Quick, Reliable Sunny Loan Alternative?

Plenty of people will have experienced financial hardship in their lifetime. An unexpected bill or an “out of the blue” expense can occur suddenly and without warning. If you don’t have the cash available or the savings to hand to cover your costs, how do you know where to turn? You might then need to source a reliable Sunny loan alternative.

If you’re facing a financial emergency and you need cash fast, then one of the options available to you is to apply for a payday loan such as those offered by Sunny loans, or you could do some research and find yourself a reliable Sunny loan alternative instead.

At LoanPig, we aren’t just a direct lender. We’re also a broker, so we can offer you access to a broad panel of different lenders, this allows us to locate a Sunny loan alternative that will suit your exact needs and requirements. Learn more about us here.


Why Choose A Sunny Loan Alternative?

If you apply for a regular Sunny loan, you are limited to their pre-set loan amounts, repayment terms, fees and charges. The loans that they offer therefore may not be suitable for you, as you may need a more flexible arrangement. Moreover, you may want to seek a loan with more favourable terms.

With a Sunny loan, your repayment terms are also fixed so you are forced into paying off your debt in the timeframes as outlined by Sunny loans. You could then find yourself paying interest on a loan for longer than you would like which can be frustrating if you have already accrued the funds you require to pay the loan amount off in full. Also, with Sunny loans, early payment fees or other charges may apply.

By comparison, applying for a loan through LoanPig means you have greater flexibility regarding the amounts you can borrow and your repayment duration, as you have access to a range of different lenders, you can essentially locate a provider that is perfect for you.


LoanPig vs Sunny Loans

Sunny are just a direct lender. This means that Sunny themselves will assess your application and decide whether to approve or decline your loan. However, applying for a Sunny loan alternative through LoanPig means that you are dealing with both a direct lender and a broker. If we can’t provide you with a loan directly then we are able to connect you with another lender who should be able to assist you in securing your loan.

We will submit your loan application to a panel of UK lenders, this allows us to match your financial needs with the right type of loan and lender to suit you. As we have access to such a broad range of different lenders, it’s therefore a lot easier to find a fast cash loan with affordable repayments and more flexible payment terms.


Who Can Borrow Money Through LoanPig?

The entire process of applying for a cash loan through LoanPig is both quick and easy. However, the UK lenders we use to source your alternatives to Sunny do have some basic qualifying criteria they check before approving your application, including the following:

– You must be over 18 at the time of submitting your application
– You must be a UK resident
– You must have an active email address
– You must enter a valid mobile phone number
– You need to have a regular source of income
– You need a debit card attached to an active bank account

Remember to include your real mobile phone number and an active email address. The payday loan lender will not call your phone, as all your details will be verified online, but you do need to have a valid number as part of your application.


How Do I Apply For A Sunny Loan Alternative?

The application process for a loan alternative to Sunny loans is quick and easy. Simply enter your details into our quick online application form and press the submit button when you’re done.


When Do I Get My Cash?

If your loan is approved, you’ll receive an SMS notification to your mobile phone or an email. In many cases, your cash should be deposited into your bank account the same day.


What APR Is Charged On The Loan?

The APR (or annual percentage rate) is the sum of money that lenders will charge on top of your original loan amount. The actual APR you will pay for your loan will depend on the amount you borrow and the payday loan lender used to provide the loan itself.

Keep in mind that the APR charged on short term loans and other types of payday loans is often higher than traditional bank loans. However, if you aim to repay your debt as quickly as you can reasonably afford, you can minimise the charges to your account.


Are Our Sunny Alternatives Responsible Lenders?

We make sure that every step of the lending process is completely transparent, from the application to the cash advance to the loan repayment, so you always know what’s happening and what’s expected of you next. Further to this, here at LoanPig we are FCA authorised so you can rest assured that we operate in accordance with the latest financial rules and regulations.


Why should you choose LoanPig over Sunny?

If you need cash in a hurry to get yourself through a financial emergency, a short term payday loan can provide you with the perfect solution. Applying for a Sunny loan alternative through LoanPig means you have access to a wide range of different lenders, so you can find the best deal for you.

Before submitting your next payday loan application, consider an alternative to Sunny loans. Having access to an entire panel of different UK short term loan lenders, as opposed to applying for a loan through just one, means you vastly improve your chances of getting your application approved quickly. You could even receive your cash on the same day.

Disclaimer: LoanPig and its subsidiaries are in no way connected to Sunny. Any information on this page is intended to provide a comparison between Sunny loans and LoanPig. Applying for any short-term loan on the LoanPig website means your application is submitted through LoanPig as a direct lender and with LoanPig finance brokers to submit to their panel of UK lenders.