Loans For Bitcoin?

Is it worth a loan for Bitcoin? You might have seen the hype in the last two weeks about Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a new type of currency that is entirely computer based so it's not really a coin. Bitcoin has dramatically increased in value this year and in particular in the

Top 10 Tips To Reset Your Debt

How to reset your debt Particularly at this time of year, with Christmas right around the corner, you might be short of cash. If you've been having financial worries for some time, you might have built up a fair bit of debt. As with every difficult subject, there's

Top 10 Christmas Money Saving Tips

Christmas can be expensive But it doesn't need to send you into short term financial emergency! There are loads of way to keep Christmas spending under control. Read on for our top 10 Christmas money saving tips. 1. Plan according to your budget As we've written

Get Ready For Cyber Monday

Are you ready for Cyber Monday? It's Black Friday but that's not the end of the deals. A tradition that started in America but is now huge in the UK, Cyber Monday is the first Monday after Black Friday. Cyber Monday is a whole new round of discounts and sales focussed

Are you ready for Black Friday

Are you ready for Black Friday? Black Friday is an American tradition but is now huge in the UK too. Both the high street shops and online retailers take part and there are great deals to take advantage of. Only 9 days away, you need to be ready to buy what you need.

Budget Tips For Teachers

What's in store for Teachers in the budget? We all know teachers are an important part of society, looking after our children and building the nation's future. Teachers often struggle with low pay and poor conditions and this has got worse since the credit crunch. We

Got Bad Credit? Do You NEED The iPhone 8?

Got Bad Credit? Can you really afford an iPhone 8? If you've got bad credit and really need an iPhone 8 don't go into debt for it, especially if you have bad credit and don't get a payday loan, your shiny new phone will make you feel great for about 10 mins until you