3 Tips to Beat The January Blues

Beating the January Blues

January Blues is a common feeling that people experience during the very start of the year through to mid-February. Did you know that January is known as the gloomiest month of the year? So, if you’re not feeling yourself, you’re not the only one. According to NHSInform, the winter blues affects around 2 million people in the UK and more than 12 million people across northern Europe.

With failed New Year’s resolutions, strong winds, ice-cold weather, there’s not much to look forward too. Sounds awful right? But, did you know that the January Blues can be easily avoided? Keep reading on for our tips to help you through the gloomy season!

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Why Do We Feel Sad During January?

With the festive season behind us, all the joy and Christmas kindness out the window, we now don’t know what to look forward too. Perhaps you’ve booked a holiday for summer? Although that is exciting, you may be thinking about how summer is a long 7 months away yet and you have about 200 days to wait.

Another reason we feel the January Blues is due to the lack of sunlight we get. This is not only because of the weather, but also the little motivation that the month brings causing people to stay inside a lot more often than they usually do in other months.

How To Get Yourself Feeling Back to Normal


Become More Active

Being more active will keep you more entertained, meaning that you won’t even feel the January Blues as you are distracted away from them.

Along with this, exercising is essential when keeping physically active. For example, moving around as much as possible is one of the easiest ways. How about getting off the bus at the stop before you usually would and then walking to your end destination from there, or you could try using the stairs instead of the lift.

The best time to exercise is usually in the morning after you get out of bed but before you get your breakfast and a drink. This is so you start your day off in the right way, boosting your mood for the rest of the day.

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Keeping Your Mind Active

Keeping busy, like socialising with friends and family, trying out some mind games like scrabble or even just reading newspapers ensures that your mind is kept busy and happy.

If you are somebody who gets joy and happiness from chatting to friends and making plans to see people regularly, you are probably less likely to experience the January Blues. Or even if you’re someone who likes alone time and is able to occupy yourself easily with the help of individual activities, you might not be hit by the January as hard as some other people will.

This is why keeping busy and entertained is good for your health especially during the January period.

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Make Sure to Get Vitamin D

Getting sunlight during January can be difficult, although, thankfully, it isn’t the only way to get it. Vitamin D is the best way to tone up the brain and strengthen the immune system, meaning you won’t get ill as often as it will be stronger. Below are a few ways to get vitamin D without sunlight.

  1. Consume fatty fish and seafood.
  2. Take supplements.
  3. Eat foods like eggs and mushrooms.

These are probably easier than you think to incorporate into your diet. For example, if you decide to take the Vitamin D supplement, it is easy to take every morning or night. Or if you want to eat more foods higher in vitamin D, why not start a meal plan?

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