5 Steps To Improve Your Credit Score


How To Improve Your Credit Score

Improving your credit score seems like a very long process, and quite frankly it is.  To notice positive results on your file won’t be immediate nor will it be easy.

In addition, some notes made on your file may not be correct.  We often hear about errors that make up to 50% of people’s credit file history.

We can’t encourage you enough to check your credit file regularly to highlight mistakes

Here are 5 quick tips on improving your credit score and a solution to monitoring what information is against your profile with Check My File:


1: Pay your bills on time

It’s important to pay all your bills on time because they get reported to credit bureaus and deemed a positive action on your credit profile.

Any bills that are missed will get reported as a negative action on your credit file and will hinder your chances of obtaining credit in the future.


2: Keep balances low on credit cards

Keep you your credit card balances low and try not to overextend your use of your credit.


3: Pay off excessive debts

By doing this helps improve your credit score, it is also important to know that keeping those accounts open or opening new accounts has a positive effect on your credit too.

Closing unused accounts with lower your credit score because you will lose credit available on them.  Which means you will have a greater credit balance over your available credit limit.


4: Safeguard yourself against identity theft

Always be careful when sharing your personal information online or offline, your information can get into the wrong hands which could potentially financial compromise you and harm your credit file.


5: Monitor your credit report regularly

Checking your credit report often is incredibly important, not only for unrecognised activity but also for mistakes.

Not every report is correct and it could be that the lender doesn’t report it to all the major credit bureaus, issues with your address, missing accounts, electoral delays or utility suppliers not reporting actions directly.

There is a great solution to avoid falling victim of any incorrect information, that solution us Check My File.


The platform enables you to:

See your data from all major credit reference agencies

Analyse your use of credit

Remove incorrect financial data

Filter your credit borrowing by type

Check payment records

Report personalisation

Fraud management

Court record checks

Information disputes


Take advance of the 30-day free trial without any up-front payments to take control of your credit report and prevent any identity infringements.