5 Ways to Save Money at the Cinema

5 Ways to Save Money at the Cinema

The cinema is like another world where you can watch the newest movies with some of your favourite snacks, completely focused on the screen without a care in the world. Until you realise the price it may cost you, especially if you’re paying for more than one person. Here are some options to save money at the cinema.

Tesco Clubcard Points

By using a Tesco Clubcard you can earn points every time you shop. You can earn points from a big weekly shop, or just a small shop as long as you scan the code on your card, £1 = 1 point.

Your Clubcard points can go towards many different things from home and gardening appliances to plane tickets. But, also smaller things which are easier to access, include cinema tickets and fun days out.

An example found from the Tesco Clubcard website is ‘turn every £0.50 in vouchers into £1.50 to spend at Cineworld’. 


Meerkat Movies

Compare the market insurance offers 2 for 1 meal’s and movies when you purchase insurance with them. You’re able to redeem your tickets on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s at cinemas all over the UK. Along with this, you can also bring along your favourite cinema buddy to make the experiences more fun!

They also offer 2 for 1 on starters, mains and desserts at specific restaurants every Sunday to Thursday. This includes breakfast, lunch and dinner for six people.

Avoid the Weekend

The weekend is the busiest time of the week because everyone is off work and off school, making it the best time for people to visit.

During peak times, cinema tickets might not vary too much in price, but a lot of promotional offers and discounts cannot be added in peak times (hence why the Meerkat movies offer is only valid Tuesday and Wednesday).

Avoiding peak times will also make it easier for you to get seats and be comfortably seated in your favourite part of the cinema. Usually, there won’t be many people there in the week making

popcorn tubs to take to the cinema

Bring Your Own Food

Yes, the popcorn, the pick and mix and the nachos might seem like the most tempting snacks in the world whilst you’re stood in the queue waiting to be served, but we all know that they are massively overpriced.

Did you know that many of the biggest cinema chains allow you to bring your own food into the cinema? Foods such as hot food and alcohol are prohibited due to the chance of staining the seats or clothing of other people as well as ruining the cinema experience for people. But other than that, most foods are allowed! P.S. be mindful of loud chewing and crunching.

TIP: Get a tub of pick and mix from a nearby shop. Shops and supermarkets including Morrisons and Tescos, Poundland and Wilkinsons all have places in their stores for you to choose your own sweets and chocolate for less than half of the price.

Membership Cards

Some of the biggest cinema chains offer a membership card, which may also be known as an Unlimited Card. This gives you deals like:

  1. Unlimited films
  2. Advanced screenings
  3. Discount on snacks and drinks
  4. Discount on partner restaurants

The price of a membership card ranges from around £15 – £20, so, when purchasing one you will need to consider whether it is worth it for you or if you will just be losing money in the long run.

For people who take a trip to the cinema to see a new film weekly, this card will probably be a benefit to you. If you are paying around £5 a week, yearly you’re spending around £260. But, it would only cost you £180 if you used the membership card.

Our Advice

These tips and tricks created by the team at LoanPig may not work at every cinema in the UK, so please check the cinema’s website to know it is allowed for sure.

Along with this, if you cannot afford the cinema membership cards we advise you don’t buy them.  We don’t want you to put yourself in a difficult situation as a result.