How To Save Money On Back To School Shopping

As soon as August comes to an end, it seems that shops everywhere start promoting their back to school supplies. Whether you’re disappointed that the summer holidays have to come an end or relieved that your children will finally stop complaining that they are bored, there’s no doubt that the summer period can be expensive.  The cost of holidays, day trips, picnics and cinema tickets can soon add up over the six week holidays. When summer comes to an end and school supplies are needed, money can be tight.  At Loan Pig, we’ve come up with some handy tips for saving money on your back to school shopping.

Start Early

If you’re forward thinking you can save money. The biggest demand for back to school supplies occurs in late August to early September, so if you start your shopping early you might be able to take advantage of regular prices instead of inflated ones. It’s a good idea to see what you’ve already got at home too, in case your children have any supplies left over from last year.

Set Limits

It’s likely that your children want all the latest Hello Kitty folders and Spider-Man lunch boxes. Try to set limits on how many fun items you will buy, perhaps one lunch box and one pencil case each, and stick to practical and generic for the rest. Branded and themed items are going to cost a lot more than the standard equipment, so avoid giving into your children’s demands. Equally, if your child’s school has sent you an extensive list of equipment, determine exactly what you need and what items are optional extras to save yourself some money.

Visit the Pound Shop

If you’re looking for great bargains but can’t wait until the post-September sale period, head to the pound shop for your stationary supplies. You’ll be able to find everything you need, including pens, pencils, notebooks and folders for half the cost that you’d find elsewhere. If you spot a good deal, try to buy your supplies in bulk because you know that you’ll end up replacing everything by next year!

Use Coupons

A lot of shops offer discount codes and coupons around this time of year. It’s a good idea to keep your eyes peeled for any discounts and take advantage of them if you can. Before you go uniform shopping, or school supply shopping, do some online research to find out if there are any coupons available online.

Buy Uniform From The Supermarket

If your child’s school doesn’t have a strict requirement for uniform, purchase generic trousers, shirts and skirts from the supermarket as they will be much cheaper than the school’s own apparel shop. Only purchase the uniform you know that your children will wear, buying clothes for summer sunshine in September is not necessary. If you need to expand their wardrobe at a later date, you can. But buying everything early is putting yourself at risk of your children growing out of their clothes before they’ve even had a chance to wear them.