Are you ready for Black Friday

Are you ready for Black Friday?

Black Friday is an American tradition but is now huge in the UK too. Both the high street shops and online retailers take part and there are great deals to take advantage of. Only 9 days away, you need to be ready to buy what you need. Here’s our top tips to get ready for Black Friday and remember, here at LoanPig we’re here to help.

1. Make a list

To stop you impulse buying and wasting money on things you don’t need, make a list of the things you need. While you make the list, write down the current price and think what you want to pay. If you need a new washing machine but you’ve got bad credit then maybe a bargain on Black Friday is what you need. Don’t go buying a new 4k TV though, focus on the items you need and ignore the rest. There will be other deals when you have more cash, you don’t want a £1000 loan.

2. Look at the high street as well as online

A lot of the shops on the high street have caught on to offering deals on Black Friday. Although it’s often the online retailers like Amazon that shout the loudest, shops like Currys offer great deals on last year’s models. Argos offer the best of both worlds with an online order which can be collected in store!

3. Be ready to act quickly

When a deal comes up, if the price is right, buy it quickly. There is no time to deliberate as there are plenty of people looking for a bargain. If you made a list and noted the price, make sure it’s actually a deal. If the price is at or below what you wanted to pay then go for it.

4. Get online alerts

Websites like are great for finding online deals. They work by allowing users to post the deals they’ve found online for others to take advantage of. You’ll quite often find people comment on the deal and if the product is rubbish, there’ll be plenty of warning! People also compete to find the cheapest prices.

5. Use cashback and vouchers

IF you’re shopping online, use a cashback web site, or even your credit card special offers to save a few more pounds. Most websites still accept online vouchers during the sales so search the internet first, even if it’s only free delivery coupons.

Finally, remember to be sensible, if you haven’t got the money or are suffering from short term reduction in income, don’t buy.