How To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions

Despite all of the negative events which have occurred this year, it is safe to say that 2020 has flown by. There is only one week to go until the new year embarks on its new journey. Therefore, meaning it is time to say goodbye to this dreaded year. The multiple lockdowns and quarantine weeks which have taken place have allowed us to reflect on ourselves. This will hopefully have given you the opportunity to work on yourself as an individual. Despite having plenty of time throughout the year, a lot of people have still been putting important things off. For example, using the typical excuses of ‘i’ll start next week’. Therefore, why not turn these ideas into new year’s resolutions! Saying you are going to do something is easier than actually going through with the plan. So, we can help you learn how to stick to your new year’s resolutions.

Keep the achievable

We’re not saying do not dream big, but you should make sure that your new year’s resolutions are possible. That they are things that you would actually like to achieve and will work for. If you believe you can do it you definitely can but you need to stay focused and motivated. This way you will be more on track to achieving your goals no matter what size they are. Similarly to this, keeping the number of resolutions limited it’s also important. Having too many resolutions will throw you off track and potentially make you less likely to achieve any. Most people only choose a few new year’s resolutions from a long list. If you are somebody who likes to achieve more than average, could try changing your resolution after you have achieved it each time.

Commit yourself 

As we have mentioned above, thinking of doing something and actually doing are two very different things. Committing yourself to a resolution is an essential aspect of the journey. Doing something half-heartedly, or with minimal effort is not going to pay off very well or even keep you motivated. Creating a personal promise to yourself is a great way to commit. Although staying on track with something for a whole year or more can be difficult, your resolutions tend to be things which will pay off. Committing yourself can be difficult to do alone as you can always change your mind at any time. One way to avoid this is to share your resolution with others. If others know about your goal, you may feel more inclined to carry on. They could be shared with the general public or just close family and friends.

Track your progress

From the 1st of January 2021, you should be tracking your progress. When you begin any type of journey, it is a great idea to track your progress and keep on track of your work. Being able to look back and reflect on how far you have come works wonders when it comes to motivation. If you are having a down day or feel as though you’re not getting anywhere, simply looking back at what you have achieved is one way to pick yourself back up again. Tracking your progress is easy, you could use a technological way like Microsoft Excel or something more traditional like a notepad, it is completely your choice.

Common resolutions

Even though everybody resolution should be individual and unique to them, we have listed some of the common ideas below:

  1. Exercise more often/ Lose weight
  2. Quit smoking
  3. Save more money

These are all ideas which you have to put your mind to in order to complete. For example, to be able to save more money you have to make changes in your spending patterns or even your lifestyle. Looking at your budget and cutting down on particular outgoings is a great way to begin. After Christmas, we all seem to feel that bit more concerned about our finances, sometimes to the point of trying to find emergency financial help. Here at LoanPig, we are able to offer you the help you may need.