3 Creative Ways To Make Money In The New Year

The majority of people in the UK at some point will wish they had more money. But, not many people actually do something about it. Yes, having a job and working all day is tiring, but striving for more money without putting in any effort is not going to get you anywhere. There have probably been plenty of times that you may have seen something online or in a shop and wanted to buy it but it is too expensive, this happens to most of us. Sometimes we wish we had the newest phone or device but yet again, we simply just cannot afford it. Making money is not the funniest thing in the world, although the concept is great. Sitting around in an office all day is not for everyone and we understand that. Therefore, we have created three creative ways to make money. There are plenty of cool, wacky ways in which you can build your balance, so we have chosen some of the most unusual ideas to make sure you enjoy what you do.

January is the perfect time to begin your journey, allowing you to keep everything organised throughout the new year, almost giving you a fresh start. But, whether you are reading this in January or July, it does not matter.

Make money by listening to music

Yes, it really is just as it sounds, you actually can make money by listening to music. Although you will not create heaps of cash, you could use this as something fun on the side. As a bonus, who doesn’t like new music? There are multiple websites online which allow you to sign up and start earning in just a few clicks. For example, SliceThePie. This company not only allows you to earn money but also helps out others by giving them constructive criticism online. The website pays you for sharing your opinion of new tracks from unsigned artists before they are released. This way, they can understand what to work on too. Therefore, making it a win-win situation. Not only that, but it is also a very creative way to make money.

With the site being based in the US, all of the money earned will show as dollars but when the time comes to withdrawal your balance, it will be accessed via PayPal and converted into your currency at that point.

Sell your wardrobe

After a long previous year of being confined to our homes for months, you may be due a clean out if you have not already. Starting in your wardrobe is one of the best places to begin. Unless you are somebody who does not hoard items of clothing, you probably have clothes which either do not fit you or you just are no longer a fan of. And this is completely normal! In fact, the majority of us probably have plenty of these, yet we still want new clothes. So, having a tidy and clean will allow you to sort your clothes and realise which you do and do not want. Once you have decided which to keep, you can then go forward and find the perfect site for you to sell on. Again, there are numerous popular online websites which could actually allow you to sell your clothes in a matter of hours. But, only if you are lucky.

One of the most used sites is an app called Depop. This is a very simple site which allows you to upload photos and do everything yourself. You could even begin your own clothing business on here if you liked it enough.

Become a driver

This may sound very boring to some people who do not enjoy driving, but if you do this could be one of your favourite creative ways to make money. Becoming a driver allows you to earn money whilst meeting plenty of new people. Although that is not the specific aim of the job, it is definitely a bonus. Companys like Uber hires drivers all around the world to not only pick up passengers, but also food and parcels.

Signing up for all of these three things is simple. All you need is an internet-enabled device and a steady Wi-Fi connection (or even data). You can sign up on the websites or on an app depending on which you choose. If you find yourself running low to a worrying point, here at LoanPig we can help you out with a  payday loan. Although we do not recommend them as your first choice, we are here to help if necessary. For more information, click here.