Bonfire Night On A Budget

Bonfire Night on a Budget

Halloween is over but your kids want more, so your thoughts turn to Bonfire Night on a budget. So we have listed a few fireworks displays below that mean you can still enjoy the fireworks without it costing you money you can’t afford to spend.

There are a number of options for you to enjoy bonfire night on a budget, here are a few ideas;

Do It Yourself

Are your neighbours friendly? why not all chip in and buy some fireworks the whole street can enjoy, buy some treats, party food and all get together to make it a night you and your kids will remember.

Where Can I Buy Cheap Fireworks?

Before you check out that big, hand written poster you have been seeing for the last month, on your way to work, think about the safety aspect. “Pop Up” fireworks sellers can look and sound appealing with their cute, hand written signs. But beware, you might not be buying safe fireworks, if they don’t have the CE Mark, is it really worth the safety of the loved ones?

Your local supermarket will have some great offers on at this time. Some supermarkets will have counters specifically for fireworks, and they should have leaflets showing what they have on offer – Lidl and Aldi have some great offers and theirs are available online.


Don’t Fancy Doing It Yourself?

After trapesing through the streets on Halloween, Trick or Treating, you might want to forget about the doing it yourself and find an organised bonfire and firework display, near you. So take the night off and leave the bonfire and fireworks to someone else. There’s always an organised one in your local area, some will charge a fee whilst others will offer free entry. Here are a few free/cheap events taking place across the country:

1) Ouseburn Community Centre, Newcastle

2) Heaton Park, Manchester

3) Roundwood Park, London

4) Llandudno Pier, Wales

5) Glasgow Green, Glasgow


Safety First?

Safety first

Regardless of what you’re thinking of doing your own Bonfire Night or going to an organised event, the most important thing is to stay safe during the celebrations.

For more safety information, you can check out Bonfire Night Safety.

The most important thing to remember here is Do Not go into debt for the sake of one night, there are lots of free displays and things to do that you’ll enjoy without having to spend money you could have put to better use.

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