Budget Holiday Destinations In Europe

Nowadays it seems that everyone is out there offering you different deals and offers when it comes to going away on holiday. Sometimes we also encounter cheap flights but then are unable to match them to an affordable form of accommodation, or end up spending a small fortune on food when we have reached our destination of choice. In order to help you make your money stretch further, we have come up with our list of some of the very best budget holiday destinations to help inspire you when looking for your next big adventure.

The great thing about the following destinations is that you don’t need to spend a fortune to treat yourself and your family to a fantastic break away from the hum-drum of everyday life and make your summer one to remember! And, should you find yourself a little short of funds to put towards your next trip, then why not take a look at how much money you can borrow instantly and pay back over a space of time that best suits you with one of our flexible loans?


Travelling to Ireland has never been as appealing as it is today, with flight prices to the island falling considerably over the years. On top of this, many of its cities offer you the chance to explore Ireland in its most authentic form through the medium of free museums and attractions that will work wonders when it comes to holding on to precious pounds and pennies. In Dublin you can also have your fill of proper Irish pints that come in at just £2.30 or if you would prefer to see the more rural side of things, you can always head to Galway where you can see your holiday cost you up to 20% less!


You will be hard pressed to find a European travel destination that is as highly spoken of as Hungary. Budget airlines have made Hungary a must-stop and cheap holiday destination for those who love architecture, great food and indulging themselves in a spa experience like no other. With dinner coming in at £5 per person and beers costing only £1, this is the ultimate destination for those who are committed to making their money go as far as possible. Be sure to wander out of Budapest to really make the most of everything that this fascinating country has to offer.


Greece’s economy, while creating difficulties, has meant that travelling there has become more affordable than ever before for us Brits. While Santorini and Mykonos remain pretty pricey, others such as Skiathos and Paros offer you the exact same long, sunny days but on a far more affordable price scale. Whether you’re into partying or lazing around at the edge of the pool, Greece is guaranteed to offer something for everyone. Why not give the economy a bit of a boost with your tourism and invest in a holiday to Greece or one of its islands this year?


There has been a sizeable shift in the amount of people choosing to visit countries located in Eastern Europe in recent years, and Bulgaria comes at the top of the list when it comes to popularity. People appear to be looking towards less traditional forms of beach breaks and this is where Bulgaria stands out. From bustling cities to picturesque beaches, you will find everything you need right here. Outside of Sofia you will also find places that remain largely untouched by holiday makers, which makes a refreshing change for those tired of selfie-stick wielding tourists getting in the way!