Don’t get tricked this Halloween!

Halloween money saving ideas from LoanPig.

Halloween is almost upon us. Love it or hate it: if you have kids they will expect to do something for Halloween. But this year it comes just after half term when it’s so easy to overspend – though check out our recent article Kids Go Free– for ideas on that one! Then Christmas is rapidly approaching too.
So autumn is an expensive time. How can you have a fun Halloween without spending even more money? There’s so much pressure to get perfect costumes for the kids, decorate your home, have mountains of sweets for trick or treaters – plus food and drink for your family and any guests. It all starts to get a bit out of control.
So here are five tricks to for saving money this Halloween:
  1. Costumes

The shops are full of Halloween costumes and you can feel panicked into buying something. But don’t! When you think about it the costume will probably only be worn once, so it’s really not worth it.  It would be much better to find something secondhand on an online site such as eBay or to look in local charity shops. Or if you know other families in the same situation then see if there are items that you could swap around between you.
Another option is to make something yourself.  Even if you are convinced that you are not creative enough to do this, you will be surprised with what you can put together quite easily – especially if you follow the American example and don’t restrict costumes just to the predictable ghosts, witches and zombies. How about a film character or something fun instead? Check out sites such as Pinterest for lots of creative ideas.
  1. Decorations

It is perfectly possible to make your home look exciting and spooky without spending a small fortune in the process. One of the key things is to make sure there are lots of flickering lights around. Pumpkin lanterns and candles – also fairy lights if you have them – can work wonders here.
Then use everyday items to create some additional extras, such as spiders webs made from cotton wool and mini ghosts from plastic cups. There is a lot you can do for minimal cost, and if you get the kids involved in helping too then you will have a spooky home in no time at all!
  1. Trick or Treat

Don’t spend silly money on special Halloween sweets: many supermarkets have great offers on multipacks of ordinary sweets that children will love just as much. Just make sure you have plenty of supplies, and if they don’t all go then you are well stocked up for the next party.
Always answer the door and give out the sweets yourself: never be tempted just to leave them outside for the trick or treaters to help themselves because they will all then be snatched straightaway! This means that if you are taking your own children trick or treating you need to time this carefully so that you are home at a reasonable time to welcome other trick or treaters.
  1. Plan your food

Why not pre-prepare some comfort food for you and your family? Something that is quick and easy to make in advance then can be reheated as needed, for example a lasagne or a big pot of chili. This means that if additional guests turn up there will be something for them to eat. It also avoids the temptation to phone and order pizza when you get back from trick or treating, spending yet more money in the process. Also there’s nothing nicer than coming in from the cold to the homely smell of delicious food warming up.
  1. Entertainment

One of the easiest ways to entertain the kids – plus any guests – at Halloween is to settle down with a plate of your lovely food and watch a traditional Halloween film. There are so many different ones to choose from, and even those that are suitable for younger children can still be enjoyed by all ages.
If you do want to organise games then as well as some of the Halloween favourites like bobbing apples, why not organise some traditional party games like pass the parcel, musical statues, bumps or chairs, or a treasure hunt. Whilst aimed at children, these are games that always turn out to be popular with all ages.
We hope that the above tips help you to treat you and your family to some fun this Halloween without putting you in a tricky financial position. Check back here soon for more money saving tips from LoanPig.