Entertaining The Kids During The Easter Holidays

Entertaining The Kids During The Easter Holidays

Keeping the kids busy during times of boredom doesn’t need to be expensive. There are plenty of activities and things to do which don’t even cost a penny. For many parents and carers, entertaining the kids during the Easter holidays can be very difficult as it’s hard to know what to do. But, look no further, here at LoanPig we have some great ideas in mind.

Things to do during the Easter holidays

A school holiday packed with chocolate, egg hunts and baking treats? Sign us up! It’s officially time to shake off those winter chills and jump straight into fun, just in time for the Easter school holidays. We’ve rounded up the best Easter activities and things to do in the Easter holidays, helping you to have an eggcellent few weeks!

1. Explore the outdoors

As basic as it might sound, the outdoors is full of activities. Whether you visit the park to use the swings, the slide or even the zip wire they have there or take a bike and ride around. It is the perfect place to kill time and get some fresh air at no cost at all. Thankfully, as spring is just starting, the UK weather is warming up, so, if you’re lucky you might not even need a coat.

2. Create an Easter Egg Hunt

You can find Easter eggs reduced in supermarkets up until Easter Sunday so it might not be as expensive as you think. To do this you could either hide the chocolate around the house, the garden or even just in one room. Depending on how well the hiding spaces are your kids could be entertained for quite a long time. And then after the hunt, they can spend their time eating some of the chocolate they found.

3. Have a movie day

There are plenty of movies which you can get online for free, or even you could get a cheap monthly subscription to platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime. This way you can find any movies you want and sit and watch them all day long. To ensure your kids don’t get bored during a movie day you need to make sure you find films which they’d like to watch. You could even have them sit down and write down their favourite films beforehand as that will take some time as well.

4. Have a look at what is happening in your area

There are always plenty of activities going on during the Easter holidays and springtime. You will be able to find some fun things to do nearby if you look carefully enough. For example, your town might be holding a duck race, a funfair or even other activities.

5. Bake some goodies

What do kids like more than sweet food and food that is bad for them? That’s right, making it themselves. Get you and your family into some eggcellent fun this Easter by creating themed goodies. Not only do they get to eat them in the end, but they also can challenge friends or even family members who can make the best designs.


Even though it doesn’t have to be, sometimes the holidays can be expensive. Whether it is buying Easter Eggs, having trips out or just trying to entertain the kids in general. But, not everyone has the money they need on hand to spare. Have you ever considered a payday loan? LoanPig can give you exactly what you need from £50 to £1,500. This way you will be able to afford everything you want whether it be food or entertainment. For more information visit our FAQ page.