Five budget-friendly gift ideas

Buying gifts for our loved ones can be a tricky enough task without considering the costs. While your sister might like an iPad and your best friend might want a record player, it’s not always possible to treat them as much as we want to. But there are plenty of budget-friendly options for thoughtful gifts that won’t leave you in too much trouble. If you are in need of some help clearing off some unexpected bills before you start considering gift purchasing, then taking out a short term loan can help!

Here, we’re taking a look at the top five budget-friendly gift ideas! Watch our video and read on for more info…

Personalised Playlists

Making a personalised playlist can be as cheap as you want it to be. If you already have a collection of songs ready downloaded for your own use, then it can be as simple as putting together a playlist and writing a few special messages. If you don’t have the songs available to you, an 8-track mixtape can cost under £8 with most songs on iTunes or other digital download sites only being around 99p, sometimes less. If you want to make it into an actual mixtape, it’s easy to burn tracks onto a blank disk, and then decorate the case to your hearts content!

Movie Night

Put together a movie night package for the two of you to share. Not only do they get the pleasure of your company, but give them the opportunity to pick the film with the promise of no complaints from you, and put together a hamper of snacks. The snacks need only be as expensive as you want them to be, after all! Spending time with your loved one can be the best gift they get, and a movie night is the perfect way to do this, and may even be able to work around your work schedules.


This works particularly well for your significant other or your parents, but cooking dinner can be a big-hearted way of getting a gift together that they will not only appreciate, but remember for a long time to come. Cooking a romantic dinner for you and your spouse will give you both an enjoyable evening, and most meals don’t have to be expensive to buy the ingredients for. For your parents, maybe cook and organise a family meal, or one just for your parents with the promise of giving them a quiet night together.

Photo Keepsakes

Photo keepsakes can be a cheap but deeply appreciated gift. The fact that you went through the trouble of picking out some of the best photos of you and the gift receiver, or things they love and care about will show them that you’re thinking of them. There are plenty of print companies that will print your images out for low prices, and some that will even print the photos onto mugs, cushions, blankets and more, for prices that don’t cost an arm and a leg.


If all else fails, DIY it. Whether it’s a case of baking cakes and presenting them in a cute box, or going as far as mixing up some beauty products like sugar scrubs and exfoliators, it’s surprisingly easy to put together a DIY item. You can make face masks, or jars filled with their favourite sweets. Mason Jars make the perfect packaging for making something budget-friendly like a collection of candy, or the ingredients pre-measured out to make cupcakes – or a fully made cupcake in a jar!