Can you get out of your Vodafone contract early?

Expensive Vodafone contract?

Did you go for the latest and greatest iPhone X and regret it now you’ve got the monthly bill? Maybe you’ve been with Vodafone a while, want to leave but are stuck in contract. Read on to see if you can get out of your Vodafone contract early to save a few pounds.

What has happened to Vodafone?

Vodafone have introduced a change under their Roam Further scheme meaning you could be charged £6 extra per day. The charge is incurred if you use your phone in countries that aren’t in the EU like the USA, Canada and Russia. Even if you send a single text, you’ll get charged the £6 fee. They’ve claimed it’s to make the billing simpler but if you just want to send a single text, you’ll be out of pocket.

Why does this matter?

OFCOM, the regulator for communications companies in the UK, says this is a material change to your contract. There is potential for a significant difference in your bill if you go abroad. OFCOM have recommended that Vodafone needs to make it clear that you have a right to exit within 30 days of being told about the change.
In a statement OFCOM said: “Certain customers, particularly those who may be light users of their mobile phone when abroad in these countries, are likely to be affected by the new Roam-further charge, considering they can no longer send texts, make calls or use data on a “pay-per-use” basis.”

What should you do?

You might have received the notification in the post or by text message. If you’ve had the message from Vodafone and it’s in the last 30 days, you could get out of your vodafone contract early. Ring them up and ask to exit your contract with Vodafone without paying a fee. They might try and resist but they have to let you leave. Make sure you inform them that you believe the change will leave you materially affected and that it is different to the deal you signed up for.

Think Carefully!

Be careful though, you’ll want a new contract to replace this one and be sure you have an alternative first. Signing up to a new mobile provider will register a search on your credit record. It’s not a big factor in your credit score but everything counts to some degree. Don’t rush into getting another expensive contract, maybe consider a pay as you go SIM, there are hundreds of deals out there.