How to Avoid Spending a Fortune on Childcare this Summer

How to Avoid Spending a Fortune on Childcare this Summer

On average, the cost of childcare is £250.70 during the summer holidays, with some families paying a lot more over the break. This figure has been calculated by Hargreaves Lansdown, based on children whose parents are in full-time employment.

Around 60% of parents are paying this sum of money for 4 weeks of childcare, with 5% expecting to pay more than £500 for the entire summer holiday.

This is a lot of money for any parent, especially a family with more than one child and with parents that work full time with limited amounts of holiday days.

The good news is there are things that you can do to cut the cost of childcare in summer.

Look for Government Discounts

Tax-free childcare and childcare vouchers can still be used in the summer holidays if your child is of nursery age.

There is also an option to receive tax relief on the price of childcare as long as your child is placed in the care of an Ofsted approved childcare provider. This tax break can cut your bill by up to a fifth or more.

Change to Flexible Working Hours

Many employers are completely understanding of childcare needs during school holidays. It’s important to ask them if it is possible to do flexi-time over the break as a manageable solution to childcare.

Working from home is also another potential way of cutting down the childcare bill whilst still being in full-time employment.

Hire an Au Pair or Babysitter

If you can arrange to work flexibly or work from home for a few hours per week, why not hire an au pair or babysitter to cover the rest of the week for you. There are so many au pairs and babysitters that want summer placements with a family and can work up to 30 hours a week for around £75 plus room and board.

It’s a really cost-effective childcare method and is particularly useful in families with three or more children.

Reach Out to Family and Friends

There’s no better time to call on grandparents to help with childcare during the summer.

If this isn’t a plausible solution for you, why not ask friends and parents of your children’s friends if they can help with any childcare during the week.

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