How to do Halloween on a Budget

For some, Halloween isn’t worth paying out floods of money for. For some, however, it’s the prime opportunity to get dressed up, show off their make-up skills, and scare a few people. However, celebrating in full swing can be a drain on the budget. While a short term loan is an option in an emergency, saving money is a more sustainable way, so we’ve got a few tips for doing Halloween on a budget.

Make your own costumes

When it comes to spending at Halloween, the most commonly expensive items that people buy are the costumes. The demand at Halloween is so high that companies will hike up their prices, meaning that an already expensive costume is even more so. Finding alternatives for dressing up is the safest bet, and where better to start than making your own costumes? Try putting together a costume at least partially from clothes that you already own, or if you want something completely unique and have some skills in sewing, get some material and make something completely from scratch. Papier maché can be a good way to make accessories and make for some family fun all at the same time.

Created a haunted house… at home!

If you find yourself wanting to do more than just go trick or treating this year, why not throw a haunted house event at your own home? Use bed sheets, flour, toilet rolls and look for a recipe for fake blood to make things all the more gruesome. Hosting your own party can be a fun way to spend Halloween without having to pay out for attendance at professional haunted houses and keep your kids entertained at the same time.

Trick or treat! For your visitors.

When it comes to sweets and treats for the people that come knocking at your door, the payout for anything Halloween themed could be pricey if you don’t shop right. Luckily, with the popularity of Halloween constantly growing, pound shops and discount stores are stocking value packs of sweets in high volumes, meaning that there is plenty of choice when it comes to your Halloween treats. If you want something a little healthier, however, you could look into buying small token toys that also come in value packs. Glow in the dark skeletons and plastic bugs are easy to find and can keep kids entertained for longer than a simple sweet.

Trick or treat! For you.

When you take your own children out trick or treating, you can save money on the Halloween bags. This might not seem like a huge money saving option, but making your own Halloween candy bags not only means you can make it to whatever size and design you like, but saves the lack of room in a small pumpkin bucket or the non-themed grocery bags that will hold their collection.

Plan in advance.

Ultimately, planning in advance and buying all of your supplies before the final rush of Halloween will save you a lot of money. Stores tend to sell their Halloween goods quite cheaply at first, before putting up the prices as October gets into full swing. If you really want to go that step further, consider buying the leftover supplies just after Halloween and store them for the following year!